Tuesday, April 6

Music Monday: Deep Sea Diver

Once upon a time we had this friend/bass 
player named Ian. 
I wish you could all meet Ian.  He's 
just one of those really cool, genuine
people.  Anyway, before he went back to live
his life in CA, he
introduced to a band he used to be in called Deep Sea Diver. 
I love this band.  Not to mention, Jessica Dobson has
played with Beck and toured with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  

I hope you enjoy.  :)  xo Katie


  1. ummm... I am in love. Best music find in a long time :) I feel the way I did when I discovered the XX. eek!

    Thanks for the share.

  2. Absolutely perfect!!! Thanks for this! So much! You have such great taste lovely lady!

  3. this is new to me...good beats, good lyrics, great voice...i like it a lot! thanks!