Wednesday, September 17


Wow, this week had been a whirlwind! I am trying to complete 15 (and growing) orders, and I feel like my fingers never stop sewing. This is when I wish I sewed these little guys with a machine. I can't even imagine what the Christmas season will be like...

Anyway, this is just a little post to let everyone know that I'm not neglecting purposefully, and hopefully next week I'll have lots and lots of interesting things to share. Thanks everyone... I love you.


Oh, and this is my newest, CUTEST Camille ever. I wish I could keep her.


  1. im sorry your week is so busy... its just everyone loves your little creations and has to have one of their own... ((i know thats why i bought mine)) :)
    just know that everyone will love them when you are done.
    thanks for being awesome. <3

  2. i have been a fan of yours for a long time and i'm thrilled to visit your delightful blog (via phydeaux's suggestion).

    your enchanting creatures are so loved and all of your clients will understand and wait patiently for their treasured Skunkboy Creature knowing it is being lovingly hand-stitched by a very special and talented artist.

    i'm wishing you stress-free, pain-free stitching!

    your future client,
    dennice :)

  3. Congrats with your flourishing business ... even though your fingers are dying! I was introduced to your work through an Etsy FP and I'm so happy I did. LOVE IT!

  4. oh wow i just discovered your shop, i think i was searching for owls and bam there it was, i looooove your creations, my favourites are camille and marbles. i really want to order both of them and will hopefully soon when i have saved up some money!
    very glad to have found you and i hope you are having a great weekend!

    ~annina from sweden