Friday, September 26


Man, I love Flight of the Conchords!

I'm also so happy that new episodes of the Office have started. That show... what can I even say? I love it. Some favorite moments:

Meredith-- the car, the bat, the football
Dwight telling new HR girl Holly that Kevin is "special"
The cat in the freezer!!!
How much Michael openly hates Toby in most resent seasons
Did I Stutter?!

I don't know why I listed all of those... there's SOOOO much more. Seriously, though, Pam smacking Meredith in the face with that football... I thought I was going to pee my pants. And, the way Holly was treating Kevin when she thought he was slow... priceless. You know Angela's going to end up pregnant. I'm glad the show hasn't sabotaged Jim and Pam, yet. I'm a softie, I know, but I'm glad they're together. Listen to me... talking about all this like it's real life... hmmm... time to sew...


  1. AAAHHH!!! I luv luv luv the office! It is on my top 3 favorite list of 'top things in life'. I'm glad you love them too!!!

  2. oh, a fellow flight of the conchords fan!