Monday, September 8

A New Owl

I'm quite fond of this owl... I think it has mostly to do with her vintage polka-dotted belly fabric. I found this at a flea market and am in complete love with it. You can expect to see a lot more of it...

I'm having a hard time naming her (or him, I suppose). If you have any brilliant ideas, feel free to drop them.


  1. I like the name Delainey... I think she looks like a Delainey. Smart but also adorable and cute. I love the polka dot fabric. Awesome job!

  2. I like to name everything I own, "Nacho". When people ask, "Nacho?!"
    I say, "Yeah,... NACHO __(Insert description here)__ (NOT CHO...aka NOT YOUR)
    In this case,

    Nacho owl. (Not your owl)
    (Well, yours...but not any one else's lol)

    I suck at 'splaning things =/ sorry.

  3. In Indonesian language, Owl is Burung Hantu. Burung means Bird and Hantu means Ghost. Ghost Bird.
    Interesting, isn't it?

    But I will named this one, Lolli.

    Thank you for sharing, Katie!


  4. She is so sweet. I think I love her! Sorry, I don't have any suggestions for names. Plus, I think that I saw you already named her on your site. :)