Monday, September 1

Labor Day

There's nothing better than when friends come into town and you have time for each other. It seems like every time I find a really great friend (or set of friends... which is rarer) they move away. I mean, maybe that should tell me something about my area.... hmmm... anyway, I usually hate Labor Day weekend, because living in a tourist town kind of confines you to your house... unless you want to be bumping elbows with every inbred mother and daughter scouting outlet store finds. But this one was nice, having awesome friends to hang out with... it makes me happy and sad. I'm too sentimental most of the time-- a character flaw, I suppose, so I really hate seeing them go.

We watched Once... I thought it was amazing. Getting everyone to agree on a movie can sometimes be difficult, but when two of you decide to pick while everyone else is busy, that can make it much easier. I would recommend it to anyone. It is considered a modern-day musical, which, when you call it that makes me want to loath it, but the music is incredible. The songs do tell a good portion of the story, but they are completely relevant and do a great job. And, I guess the difference for me is that the music seems real. It's organic and beautiful.

Of course, I loved the movie so much I bought The Swell Season. I adore it. I'm so impressed when two artists can come together and compliment each other so well.

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  1. I think the theme song of this movie is wonderfully catchy.

    I have been a regular visitor of your blog since I read your profile on your etsy. I LUV it.

    Thank you for sharing, Katie.


    PS: Of course, your dolls are just