Monday, May 22

Poesy's Bedroom "Before"

Poesy's Room
I've been working hard on a room makeover for Poesy but I realized I never shared the last one.  D'oh.  If you're curious about why I would want to redo a room that was already put together, well... Poesy's room set up like this was really cute.  For a few weeks.  The toy storage wasn't practical, too many things were finding a home underneath her bed, and that book wall was charming but wasn't made heavy-duty enough to hold hardback books.  We had a couple of book avalanches and I would prefer my Poesy to not be shaped like a pancake.  😉

Poesy's Room Poesy's Room Poesy's Room
You might recognize a lot of the decor from past room tours and DIYs.  I don't usually feel the need to start from scratch when I'm decorating.  I think utilizing things you already have around your house is great!  Do a little rearranging and they can feel fresh and new.  That way, you can focus on some bigger scale elements with the checkbook and you won't be breaking the bank.

Poesy's Room Poesy's Room Poesy's Room Poesy's Room
I considered changing up the patterned wall when I was putting together this room, but I really love the character it brings to this room.  It makes it feel fun and playful.

Poesy's Room Poesy's Room
Like I said before, this room was really pretty for a little bit, but it was so challenging for her to keep it tidy.  This time around I'm setting her up for success with more storage and less toys.  So far it's coming together nicely!  I'll post about the room makeover very soon!  xo.

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