Tuesday, May 16

A Lima Bean Love Story

Lima Bean Lima Bean Lima Bean Lima Bean
Poesy came home from school with a little sprouted lima bean in a sack.  She requested to plant it, so I pulled out a pot and showed her how to plant the seed and told her a little bit about how to take care of it.  Poe has helped me in the garden off and on over the years, but to see her little face light up when she talks about her plant... well, I just get it.  It's funny how precious plants and gardening can be, but hey-- I feel the glitter emoji deep when it comes to growing things.  Especially from seeds.

Now, does anyone out there have any delicious ways to prepare lima beans?  I only remember them from childhood and I thought they were grosssssss.  😝


  1. https://themayancafe.com/tok-sel-lima-beans-recipe/ - The Mayan Cafe is a local restaurant in Louisville, KY. Much of the food is grown in the chef's own garden, and they have a delightful seasonal menu. The lima beans are always on it though - a classic here in town!

  2. Really cute!!! Love projects like this for kids to do!

  3. This is such a sweet little story! We're painting pots tomorrow and planting a flower, as a family project, but we also like to grow them from seeds too. It's such a cool experience :)

    ~Laurali Star


  4. There is a childrens story book called A Bad Case of The Stripes that is about Lima beans and being yourself. Recommend!