Monday, February 13

Valentine's Gifties

DIY Valentines
Happy Valentine's Day, friends!  This year I had a lot of fun participating in the Crybaby Club Galentines exchange.  I just gave you a photo spoiler of what I sent out to 15 ladies in my group. Oops.  Pretty hankies with encouraging words were exactly what my crafty heart wanted to gift this year.  I'm well aware that Valentine's Day isn't the happiest day for everyone, but I love helping to make it a little better where I can.  Let's just scrap the whole "you've gotta be in a relationship to enjoy V-day" vibe and see it as a day where we remind each other of how great caring for someone truly is... whether it's romantic or not.  Also, can we just take that mindset into every other day of the year?

DIY Valentines
Here's a behind-the-scenes peek at my crafty project.  Hankies, an iron, and some fusible letters can make a pretty gift in a jiffy!

DIY Valentines DIY Valentines DIY Valentines
I can't wait until my ladies receive their gifts!  I even saved one for myself because WHY NOT?  It's the perfect addition to my studio decor.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!  You know my kids take holidays VERY seriously, so we'll be spending our day making it another fun one!  xo.