Tuesday, February 7

I'm On A Podcast!

Have you guys heard about the Shailey and Katie Podcast?  Well, these funny, smart ladies invited me in to ramble, even though I had to disclose that I'd never listened to a podcast before.  Also, their theme was how to be a "cool mom" which was a sweet sentiment, but please know I don't really think of myself as that.  Actually, my default is to be as dorky as possible in person so I don't have to try to put on a mask of "coolness".  

Real talk, though: it really was a good time, and it's been a while since I've stepped back and looked at how much I've grown into myself, and how much kinder I am to myself these days.  Katie D. also made us do surprise karaoke and I drank so much coffee my hands were literally shaking because TOO MUCH CAFFEINE.  All fun things!  If you're a podcast person (my goal is to become one), give it a listen!  These girls are hilarious and great!  I'm thankful these gals wanted to have me on their show!


  1. Learning to take care of yourself is so important. And yes, you are THE cool mom

  2. I listened and I thought it was great! Thanks for sharing your story on there. And yay to becoming a "podcast person" :)