Friday, February 17

My Valentines

This Valentine's Day was another good one here in the Shelton house.  It was Poesy's first year of being in school and having a party, so I had to bring my class-mom game back out.  I haven't made a box for Valentine's Day in YEARS, and I was definitely a little rusty.  It served its purpose, though, and we had a lot of fun making it together.

After Poe made it home from school, we took the girls out for a special lunch, Johnny got us small gifts (that Ron Swanson pin-- aaaahhh!), had our yearly heart pizza for dinner, and snacked sweet treats from our wonderful neighbors.  After the girls were in bed, Johnny and I got dressed a little fancy and went out for a bit.  I love having babysitters we trust these days!

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How was your Valentine's Day?  Did you do anything fun?  Did you pamper yourself?  I've been loving seeing all of my Galentines opening their gifts!  Thank you to everyone who has sent me a little something in return!  I hope to continue this tradition every year!


  1. sounds like you all had the loveliest day! xx

  2. That pizza is so fun. Looks like a fun day -Like Hanna

  3. Such a fun day. Loved your post and the heart pizzas are the bomb