Wednesday, July 13

Snapshots: That Summer Feeling

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Summer is in full swing around here... I'm sure you can tell by the abundance of ice cream and swimming photos.  Johnny and I have been busy focusing on painting projects around the house quite a bit lately.  Actually, our living room should be ready to share with you guys here in the next couple of weeks!  It's been a fun challenge to take this house, a place where I used to work every-once-in-a-while (when I was in-studio working for ABM we were still working out of Elsie's house), and transform it into a home instead of the old ABM studio.  I can't wait to share some before and after photos.  It's really starting to feel like the "Skunkboy house" and I like that.

Other than too much ice cream and swimming and friend hangs and house projects, we've been traveling with our band like crazy.  Actually, speaking of band things, our drummer just got done recording an album with her other band, LUX.  They are shooting a video at our house this weekend and Poesy's going to be in it!  It's going to be so cute.  I'll definitely share once the video is done.

Well, I hope you all are getting through the year with your hearts in tact.  With all of the sad/crazy things that have been going on in the world, sometimes it can feel so hard to stay positive and full of hope.  Don't let the ugly things in life get you down for too long, friends.  Let's love each other and help where we can.  Happy Wednesday.  xo.


  1. why did i read po's shirt in that ladies voice from bobs burgers where they get kidnapped by the captain and bobs trying to warn them not to eat the oysters cause theyre bad.

  2. Beautiful words to end by. :)

  3. Your house looks so nice, I love all of those leafy greens

  4. Just wanted to say that I loved your Summer pics. We're kind of in that endless Summer kind of mood here in Florida too. During the day it's so darn hot, we are either close the blinds and watch Netflix or curl up with a good book or we can be found playing in the pool or at the beach.


    Laurali Star