Monday, July 25

Adventures in Candy Making

Candy Class
We have a really cute candy shop in our town called Candy House.  They offer all kinds of themed candy making classes and we FINALLY made it to one!  Hope and Poe have been super into legos lately, so we snagged them both a spot in the same class (Hope was NOT all about the princess class, so this worked out nicely).

Candy Class Candy Class Candy Class Candy Class Candy Class
The girls had the opportunity to make chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick, dipped rice krispy treats, and smothered some oreos.  The piping and drawing with candy markers were the big favorites of the day... ya know, besides the part where they got to eat the treats!

Candy Class Candy Class
I'm glad we finally got around to trying this.  One of the biggest reasons we moved to Springfield was the lack of family-friendly activities in our old town.  The girls are already looking forward to the next class in August-- HARRY POTTER!

Happy Monday, friends!  xo.

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  1. If I lived there I would be all over that Harry Potter class! Lol!