Wednesday, July 6

June Garden

June GardenWhew.  Summer has officially gotten busy!  We've been traveling a bunch while trying to still keep up with all the things.  I took a small blogging break to give my mind a little break from one more responsibility.  It was seriously hard not to beat myself up about it, but it was a good exercise in self-forgiveness and self-love.  Now, here I am back at it and feeling good!  Shall we take a peek at the garden in July?

June has been my biggest produce month so far!  We are getting lots of peas and beans, the tomatoes are ripening (in big batches), and the sweet banana peppers and jalapeños are growing in!

June Garden June Garden June Garden June Garden June GardenThe kale is officially a LOT to keep up with, the peas are getting to the point where they are drying out and probably won't produce much longer, and we don't have any squash or cucumber babies, but there are a lot of blossoms.  It's been a rainy June, so the head lettuce ended up starting to rot and I cut it all out.  If I do lettuce again I'll definitely do leaf lettuce so I can keep a better handle on it.  The broccoli, brussels sprouts, and bell pepper plants are getting bigger, but I haven't gotten any veggies from them yet.

June Garden June Garden June Garden June Garden June Garden
My cilantro and basil are both bolting big time at this point, but the strawberries are shooting more and more and getting really big!  The squash is growing and reaching so much that it's starting to wrap all the way around the trellis.  I've made two batches of homemade salsa so far with the garden offerings and I'm certain there's more to come in July!

June was definitely good to us in the garden department!  xo.


  1. Wow you must be so proud of all your home-grown produce! I personally can barely keep a cactus alive, so I can only dream of all of this <3


  2. Thank you for being honest about the not-so-great effects of gardening. I'm so inspired that you're growing so many things, though! Will you share your salsa recipe with us?

  3. Yummy your garden looks so amazing

  4. What a nice batch of veggies ! I wish I could have a place like that in Paris (France). My appartment window can't host so much plants !
    Have nice lunch and diners with these beautiful veggies :)

  5. Hi Katie, your garden is looking great,I was wondering if you would consider doing a post about how to get a veggie garden started? I'd love to grow my own but it's seems a bit daunting!

  6. Your garden is looking wonderful! I'm so jealous of your green thumb! I love plants, but can't seem to get them to grow. I recently killed a dwarf sunflower before it even bloomed!

    Jasmine /

  7. Good on you and thank you for giving yourself a blogging break. Sometimes we just need to take something off of our plate and that's great.
    And also, what a glorious garden. I hope you are so proud of yourself to be able to feed your friends and family with the work of your own hands.

  8. Congrats on your green thumb!

  9. What a gorgeous garden! Can I ask where you got that basket in the first picture? I've been looking for a cute upgrade for my veggie basket!