Friday, March 18


Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots
Here are some snapshots from the last couple of months.  The weather has been glorious here in MO, so I've started planting some new bushes and flowers outside.  The plan is to build my raised beds next weekend and get some veggies started!  I'm so excited for this!  Other than that, we've been busy working on the house, had lots of band practices (my new accordion is the best I've ever had), and spent as much time with friends as humanly possible.  I love the cusp of Spring.  It's one of the best feelings.

I'm off to clean my house because we're traveling with The Mixtapes this weekend and my MIL is coming to stay.  Aaaaahhh.  Power clean!  Happy Friday, friends!


  1. Happy friday, Katie.
    I wish you a lot of fun with The Mixtapes!
    Thank You for the wonderful pictures. I love it.

    Greetings & Love & a wonderful weekend

  2. I'm so excited to see what you do with your garden - I always loved reading your gardening posts!
    xo April | April Everyday

  3. the one of Poe on the guitar...YES!!!!

  4. Hi! I can't quite make out the text on that beautiful illustration-doll-ladyfish-thingy, would you mind giving a reference? Who's the illustrator? It's lovely! Just as much as your pics :D
    Enjoy the weekend!

  5. Poe. On the couch. With the guitar.
    I DIE!! XD

  6. Very cute collection of snaps. Your kids are growing so so fast!

    Charlotte xx
    Fox Socks