Wednesday, March 16

Out With The Old, In With The New: My Vanity Setup

Bedroom Vanity
Moving has been freeing in a lot of ways for me.  It's been nice to let go of a lot of tangible baggage I had accumulated (hello to the purging I've been talking about incessantly) and being in a frame of mind where I'm more willing to switch out a lot of things from the old place.  I didn't realize how much I needed a little breath of fresh air.  One of the first things to go was my old vanity.  It was adorable, but pretty uncomfortable and rickety.  Anytime I would bump it, things would spill everywhere.  Seriously annoying.

Bedroom Vanity Bedroom Vanity
Here is my new little setup.  Before she moved, Elsie passed this mirror on to me.  It was originally Rachel's score, she gave it to Elsie, and now it lives in my house.  Hooray for hand-me-downs!  It's one of my very favorite things in our room.

I found the little desk from a craft store on clearance and my *squealing and jumping in excitement* has been all about this 1970s Playboy bunny chair.  You don't find crazy things like this just everyday.

Bedroom Vanity Bedroom Vanity Bedroom Vanity Bedroom Vanity Bedroom Vanity Bedroom Vanity
Okay, here is where I need your help, friends-- I'm not all about the black on this little desk/vanity table.  What color should I paint it?  Keep in mind that my ceiling is teal and my bedding is a mauve-y pink.  My initial thought was mint, but I'm feeling like that may be a little bit of green overload.  Gold?  Yellow?  I need your suggestions!

Okay, I'm off to work on a fun project for ABM.  I'll share about it very soon!


  1. I think yellow would be good!

  2. I think in white it would be look very good!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Hi Katie,

    I love your little vanity set and the chair. Such a cute combo. You're right! Moving does give you the chance to either get rid of things or freshen them up. I love that feeling more than anything. I guess that's why I keep moving, lol.

    Anyways, about the color. As soon as you said you needed help, the color that popped to mind for me was a hot pink. It would compliment the other colors and it would Pop! That's just my two cents though:-)



  4. I will paint it yellow, but a strong one! It fits with almost everything! Bubblegum pink is also quite nice for me, but I think you can get tired more easily than with yellow.
    Besides, if you choose a color that doesn't fits with your bedding, is easer to change the bedding and give a new look to the bedroom :)

    XOXO, Sara

  5. Hi Katie, I think gold would be perfect! :D <3

  6. Love that chair!!! I love the black table too, but if you're going to change it maybe a pale chartreuse would be cool? Idk. Love the chair regardless of the table color tho. 😆

  7. I am in love with the bunny chair! Such a perfect chair for the vanity.

  8. I think an off-white that's real buttery would look different enough to offset the white, but not overbearing. Love it! That's chair cracks me up.

  9. Love that mirror! I think with the flooring, lion, bold yellow product, gold and have a lot of warm color variations taking over that need another cool color for balance that isn't as strong as the ceiling. White will drown out the chair shape a bit and won't stand out against the neutral wall and trim. If I were to pick a paint, I'd go with a dark or dusty eggplant. I'm thinking the color "Pelt" by Farrow & Ball or Benjamin Moore "Dark Purple" could also pull a lot of color inspiration from this image. Sorry, I love color palettes :)

  10. voto por elegir el color oro,..y tal vez con rayas se me parece lindo y divertido. Saludos!!

  11. This looks great! That chair was definitely a cool find. I was thinking white for the desk, but now I think a color would be best to contrast with the white chair so that shape pops. It might be a lot of pink in the room, but a light blush might be nice!