Wednesday, January 13

Baking Calzones With Blue Apron

Blue Apron
Calzones.  We all know what they are.  I'm actually pretty fond of them, though I laugh heartily when Ben gets taunted about them on Parks and Recreation.  Though I've ordered these delicious pizza pockets at restaurants many times, I've never tried my hand at making them at home.  We got our latest Blue Apron shipment last week, and I have to say, I picked this package solely for the calzone making experience.  Just in case you're staring at your screen like "whaaaaaaat are you talking about exactly, Katie?"...

Blue Apron is a service that sends recipes (+ all the fresh, sustainable ingredients for said recipes) straight to your door in a refrigerated box (though, with as cold as MO has been, the outside feels like a refrigerator).  Johnny and I typically choose the 2 person plan, but they also offer a family plan.  My family is terrible about eating out once we run out of groceries, just because we get super busy and don't make the time for grocery shopping.  Blue Apron helps me to slow down and get back to cooking, because all my excuses fly out the window.  Which is good.  Sometimes I need that.

Blue Apron
(*Sigh*  Have I mentioned I love this kitchen?  Oh.  Yeah.  A lot of times.)

Blue Apron Blue Apron Blue Apron Blue Apron
So, back to the calzones:  these were really fun to make.  Actually, the girls were out with their Aunt and Uncle while I was prepping and baking, and Johnny and I had way too much fun throwing pizza dough in the air like goons.  It was one of those moments where I thought, "why don't we cook together more.  This is really fun."  So, we're going to do just that.
Also, the green stuff you see in the pictures above is kale.  When Hope got home, she tried the calzones and liked them.  I got a very picky child to eat kale.  What?!

Blue Apron Blue Apron
I can officially say:  Ben Wyatt, I stand in solidarity with your love of calzones.  They are kind of wonderful.

We've been using the Blue Apron service for about 1 and a half years now, and I still enjoy it every time.  I really love cooking, and they help me slow down and branch out with my meals.  Actually, I'm cooking cauliflower steaks tomorrow night and I'm super curious about what they will taste like!

If you are interested in trying out Blue Apron for the first time, click here to receive 2 free meals with your first order!  This offer is only good for the first 25 readers that sign up, so get it if you want it, friends!

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*This is a sponsored post, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work with companies I love and trust.  Thanks for reading, friends.


  1. I really have to try this service...Half my issue with preparing meals is I forget something or have too much of something that usually gets wasted...The calzones look super yummy!! =)

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  2. I loooove the changes you made to the kitchen!! But of course I think the aqua is perfect ;)

  3. Love your pig cutting board! Where is it from! Ps his makes me want to try lie apron now!

  4. Try blue apron* autocorrect always gets me

  5. I have been getting blue apron for a few months... and these calzones were delicious!!! Though ours did not look as pretty as yours :D


  6. Hilarious that you would mention Ben from Parks and Rec. I just started watching season 3 and saw that episode last night! I thought to myself, who doesn't love a good calzone?!?

  7. Uh oh! Hopefully the ABM crew found a food safe sealer and re-sealed those counter tops. I remember from the post about making them they said they weren't food safe. I went back and read it again and it said: "NOTE: We shopped locally for our sealer and were told that there weren't any food-safe concrete sealers available. We chose to go ahead with the sealer they recommended, knowing we'd always use cutting boards to protect food from the counter surface." Be careful!

  8. Making dinner with my husband is one of my most favorite things. We have such a tiny kitchen, though, so it's usually one of us cooking and the other one is in charge of taking things out and putting them back into the fridge. :D

  9. Your kitchen is sooo beautiful and happy :)

  10. The pizzas look amazing and I like the idea of using kale and having the tomato sauce for dipping. I must try that!
    thank you for the inspiration.
    Chaotic Itzi

  11. Your calzones look delicious. I love the freshness of your kitchen - makes cooking way more delightful in a kitchen you love. I love to cook with my husband too. Fun times /)

  12. Ohhh those look delicious! I am a big fan of pizza and pizza dough shaped in any form but the whole waiting for the dough to ferment and rise is not my thing. So once I discovered Petter Reinhart's bread book and this ( amazing dough recipe, i always have some in the freezer. It is the best pizza dough ever recipe!