Monday, January 18

Weekly Wears: Wake Me When It's Warm

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Cold weather has finally hit MO, so outfit posts have been a little more sparse than normal.  Also, I haven't totally conquered my closet room yet, so those two things combined have me in a lot of slipper socks and borrowed husband sweaters... which is actually what I'm wearing right now... annnnddddd I'm not mad about it.  ;)

dress: Gypsy Warrior;  tights: Target;  knee socks: UO;  booties: bday present from Johnny;  glasses: BonLook;  skunk pin: vintage

Thank you guys for all of your sweet, touching comments on my birthday post.  Sometimes it's nice to share bigger pieces of yourself with others.  I hope to respond to each comment in the coming weeks.

Happy Monday, friends!


  1. Oh my goodness!! Your hair is just amazing and I just love it!!! What a fun little post :)

    xoxo. Holly Erinn

  2. Love this dress, so cute! Im going back to the UK soon for a little visit, but not so excited about the cold weather!

  3. I'm wearing the same knee socks right now! I wish I had the dress to match. Adorable!

  4. Oh a pin on your shirt collar! Love it! I've trying to think of places to put my pins besides my coat!

  5. I love this outfit, I have a similar dress from UO and it's one of my favourites! I've been thinking of getting those socks from there too, the buttons are adorable and match the dress so well.

    My Lovelier Days