Tuesday, May 12

Weekly Wears: Stripes and Sunshine

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Being inspired to share outfits is something I have struggled with lately.  It took me several weeks, but I finally realized it's because my closet is totally unorganized and basically exploding.  I have all of my winter things out in addition to my spring/summer wardrobe, and it's completely out of hand.  I've been selling off some things in my Instagram shop and I plan to donate some bags in the next week or so to Goodwill.  It feels refreshing to be on the track to organization.  I'm guessing those of you who have tidy closets are absolutely cringing right now-- try living with me!  I've never been strong in the organization department, but I'm trying to get better!  ;)

Sweater: c/o Dear Creatures;  Shorts: ModCloth;  Cat Bag: c/o ModCloth;  Shoes: Bali ELF;  Taco Necklace: Ivonna Buenrostro;  Scarf: vintage

Do you have any tips for keeping a tidy closet?  I think my biggest downfall is that I love to keep EVERYTHING I EVER BUY because what if I want to wear it someday?  I know that's crazy and I'm trying to get over it.  I'd love to hear any suggestions you might have!


  1. I love this outfit! Well, I love all your outfits. But these shorts are amazing!

    I've been trying to update my closet and you've been a huge inspiration!


  2. I love the whole outfit and I want that purse! You know, I really look forward eagerly to your weekly wears. Such fun and creative outfits, Katie :-)


    Laurali Star

  3. Hi Katie! You should totally check out "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo. It was life changing for me and now all my girlfriends are hooked on it as well! You'll love it.

    P.S. love the outfit - so adorable as always! You're a style icon just waiting to be discovered. xo

    ~ Alisa, Oakland CA

  4. I'll second Alisa's suggestion. That's ok is amazing. Love the purse!

  5. The way I keep my closet organized is by re-evaluating it every season. If at the end of the season I have not worn a certain piece, I know it is time to let it go.

  6. What I've learned to do is to create an outfit, usually a long AND short sleeve top (to account for the weather), with a dress, and leggings. Then I fold or hang that outfit neatly in my dresser/closet. Any items that are left by themselves are then either sold or donated.

    This not only helps me declutter, but cuts down on my anxiety of what I should wear that day. :-)))


  7. My wardrobe was bursting too so I split it into 4 seasons. I hang 1 and bag the other 3. So far it's been a revelation: I can see all my clothes, I get a whole new wardrobe every 3 months and I'm wearing everything I own. good luck! Laura (London, UK by the way!)

  8. My fave tip is to set the hangers of EVERYTHING the wrong awkward backwards way on the rail. When you wear something, you can hang it back the right way round - after a while, the stuff still left hanging the wrong way is easy to spot as not having been worn recently. So handy when you're planning a cull!

  9. I have exactly the same problem! I can't let my clothes go. I mean, what if I want to wear them again some day? pffff...

  10. i switched to a capsule wardrobe in the winter, and am loving it so far. I'm on my second "season" of clothes, and am finding it so much easier to get dressed in the mornings. I know the capsule won't work for everyone, but it has really helped me purge the things that i've been saving for all of those "what if" days. before i went to a capsule, i would repeat the same items all of the time anyways, so i think that's why its working well for me. my closet isn't overflowing, and my laundry piles are (usually) alot smaller.
    hope you can find a system that works for you! :)

  11. Ohmygawd this is my favorite outfit ever! LOVE

  12. I love this look and the Tacos necklace is the best! :)
    I too have this problem and I am in need of some good organization as I tend to keep pretty much everything and just keep stuffing my closet with new things...the struggle ;-)

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