Friday, May 29


Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots
Here are some little bits of life lately:

**I thrifted this cute spectacle holder to display my favorite BonLook glasses.
**Hope had her first softball game this week.  Though she's not totally clear on all the rules yet, she brought her A-game and even stole a couple of bases.  Ha!
**My newest Blythe doll getting some attention.
**We've been moving stuff around in our bedroom so Johnny could set his drums up.  I was practicing bouncing my external flash off the walls and ceiling for this photo-- it's good to keep sharp on that kind of stuff.
**Poesy and her Lalaloopsy dolls and cat ears.  I typical scene.
**Porch days are here again.  I love watching the rain under a blanket here.
**Johnny at the ballpark.  I rarely get candid photos of him before he notices the camera and squirms, so I appreciate in-the-moment pictures like this.

I hope you all have had a wonderful week!  I can't believe Friday is here again already!  xo.


  1. Eee! I want that eyeglass holder! What a cute idea.

    Lovely photos, as always.


  2. Blythe! I wasn't expecting to see a Blythe while reading through my sewing blog list, so that was fun!

  3. Porch days are the best! I can't even with that glasses holder!

  4. I love your porch! It must be lovely to watch the rain there sunggled under a blanket :)