Monday, May 11

Mother's Day With My Little Loves

Mother's Day 2015
Mother's Day is one of those holidays that seems entirely unnecessary and beautiful all at the same time.  HOPEFULLY someone is showing moms a lot of love every, single day, but it's still nice to have a day to be celebrated.  My sweet little Hope is passing on her handmade thoughtfulness to Poesy, and I was a ball of tears opening their gifts.  Look at this perfect portrait Poesy drew me:

Mother's Day 2015
Yep.  I'm dead.  She told me we're holding hands because we're best friends and the heart coming out of my head is all the love I have for her.  I am definitely NOT crying as I type this.  NOT. CRYING.

Mother's Day 2015 Mother's Day 2015 Mother's Day 2015 Mother's Day 2015 Mother's Day 2015
My people took me for brunch and shopping and sushi and it was pretty much the most wonderful day.  In typical Hope fashion, there were numerous handmade gifts and notes, and she even assembled a basket full of my favorite candies, flowers, lip gloss, and an aches & pains bath soak (hey, those dancing feet get sore).  I so badly want to share the note inside of this blue envelope, but it was so heartfelt and personal I think it needs to stay between the two of us.  These girls make me proud everyday and I'm so thankful to have a hand in raising them.

Mother's Day 2015 was nothing short of magical.  xo.

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**My dress is vintage and my bag is from ModCloth.


  1. how cute!!

    xx nikki

  2. So adorable - the note on that envelope made me laugh!

  3. How beautiful for you :). Your girls are
    Gorgeous inside and out.

  4. Oh man, I LOVE that Hope wrote "I love you so much I even licked this envelope for you." You must be so proud to have such sweet girls. It takes a truly wonderful person to raise such genuine, good-hearted girls.

  5. Your girls are amazing and the note on the envelope about liking is heart-melting! x


  6. My mother every year get super disappointed if I don't make her something for mother's day. I could win the lotto and buy her everything she could ever want and she'd still go "you didn't make me anything?" Handmade Mama gifts are the way to go!

    xoxo Sara

  7. Reading this post made me really wish I had posted something on my blog about Mother's Day. I have three daughters and I received flowers, a huge card, and of course, some lovely homemade gifts. It was the perfect day so I know how you feel, Katie :-)


    Laurali Star

  8. So glad you had a great day! It's nice when your loved ones share their love! (and I need to say "thank you" to Hope for choosing to write the word "mum" in Greek too! I got quite excited with that!). Evanthia

  9. Crying at work as I read this!!! You have the loveliest family, Katie! Happy Mother's Day to you!