Thursday, September 11

Weekly Wears: Endless Summer

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Even though I'm in total denial about summer coming to an end, we've had a few cool days here and there and I'm finding that soft spot for fall again.  Truth be told, I like all the seasons, so even though I feel bummed about summer wrapping up, fall is wonderful and there are so many things to look forward to.  In the future.  But not right now.  Because summer's staying forever, right?  ;)

Shirt: ModCloth;  Jumper: c/o Motel;  Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell;  Bracelet: Shlomit Ofir;  Hat: Marshalls;  Necklace: 1813 via Etsy

This dress is a piece that will be easy to transition into fall.  Jumpers (the dress, not the sweater) are great because you can switch the pieces that go underneath.  This particular jumper is a reworked vintage piece by one of my favorite clothing companies, Motel.  They have a whole section of darling vintage pieces that have been restyled and reworked.  I kinda want all of them.

Well, I hope your week has been treating you well!  xo.


  1. Love the striped tee here, Katie! SO cute!! And I'm with ya, sad to see summer go, but getting excited for fall!! Bring on the cozy sweaters & bonfires! xo

  2. For me it's same: first I'm mostly sad that summer is over than I discover each year that I like also the fall and the other seasons so much :) Nevertheless your look is so cool, love it so much that you wear a striped tee under your cute dress <3
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  3. This is such a sweet look! Love the fall colored hat too! :)

  4. I'm always nervous about mixing patterns, but I love how you paired that flower dress with the striped top. They look great together!


  5. Those shoes are killer and your hat only makes me want to extend my collection more! Adorable <3

    Kassandra | The Desert Poppy

  6. In the UK, we call those dresses Pinafores, and they are often part of the school uniform for little girls around the age of yours! I am an adult though, and I wear them often! Also, that ice cream looks amazing - I've never seen anything like it!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  7. That looks delicious...
    Love your look, Katie.
    I'm veeeerrrry ready for fall ;)

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  8. Such a cute outfit! I love it!

    Xo Michelle

  9. Very relieved to see you eat that chocolate dip cone at the end of this post. Was so nervous it was just a prop ;)

  10. Summers ending???? Our summer is still burning hot out here in the valley of the sun. Lot your blog.

  11. Adorable outfit! I wish summer was staying forever too. Here in my part of Michigan, it has been FREEZING today! Seriously, so cold that I wore a jacket all day; even inside. I was not ready for this at all, but I am still excited for fall (apples, cinnamon, runs in decent weather instead of the sweltering heat).


  12. I love the pattern mixing going on here. You make it look so effortless. I'm actually really excited for fall weather.

  13. i love the print mixing! that overall dress is so cute!


  14. Love the jumpers! It's been a while since I last tried a jumper on but I loved them when I was a kid! Also I am a fan of stripes (not really know why) and I love the black and white stripes that go with your red lips! <3

    xo Trisha

  15. Love your photos, you are so gorgeous! x

  16. I love the jumper! La Belle Ferroniere