Monday, June 23

Garden Soulmates

My friend Michelle is kinda my gardening soulmate.  She has a pretty impressive garden and whenever I have questions about my own, she's the first person I ask.  It's nice having someone like that around-- especially since I think gardening is one of the most fun things to talk about.  You have to be able to release that somewhere, otherwise you may just exhaust the rest of your friends who don't really care about gardening.

In celebration of summer, we took a little trip out to Funtiques at Green Gallery for some plant and vintage shopping.  We came out with almost identical boxes of plants and a few little vintage pieces (I bought a hamper).  All in all, it was an excellent morning.  You can see more Funtiques goodness on the Great Dates post I did with Elsie.  It's a wonderful place!

I hope you all had a super weekend!  We had a weekend packed with friends and BBQs and concerts.  A+++!

Necklace: Shlomit Ofir; Backpack: Bali ELF;  Dress: Urban Outfitters


  1. This looks so fun and I wish I had a yard or at least a porch to hang plants on...someday!!

  2. I love finding unique planters! Looks like you found some great stuff! Can't wait to see how you use them in your garden :)
    xoxo Sydney

  3. The HOP sign is amazing! What a great place to go visit. I'm always looking for gardening inspiration and nobody i know is really that into it so it's nice to see someone who has green fingers :)

    Madison x

  4. How inspirational! We are moving into a place with a bigger yard soon and I'm so excited to start gardening. The house already has grapevines that make the sweetest grapes! Would love to see more garden posts and updates from you :)


  5. Katie, I habe explored your blog today for the first time.
    A lot of wounderful inspiration und beautiful pictures.
    I love it soooo much.
    Thank you!

    Greetings & Love

  6. The mannequin with moss is only slightly frightening. Other than that, you can't go wrong with greenery! :] // ☼

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I wish I had someone that lived near me to motivate me to garden! As it is I start with really good intentions and then everything dies.............. I need to work on that.

  8. So fun! I need to find my gardening soul mate... and I also need a yard. My poor little porch is filled to the brim!

  9. Fun! That's so cool you have a garden soulmate! I have a crafting soulmate, but she lives far away which sucks!

  10. Funtiques looks like a great place to visit and shop. I know zero about gardening but do enjoy admiring the beauty in flowers and plants.

  11. That place looks like a fairy tale, I loved the huge letters, did they formed the word Hope?

  12. wow that place looks amazing :)
    yes it's good to have friends with similar interests that you can geek out about together, it's the best!

  13. Fun photos, and gardening soulmate, i need one, because i am finding it hard to manage my current live ones at home.


  14. Looks like a fun little adventure! :)

  15. I never knew how much fun plants were (partly because I couldn't keep them alive long enough to enjoy them) until I married Jason. I guess I now have a garden soulmate as well :)

    Fun fun,

  16. Sounds like fun! You always have to have at least one friend who such a passion with you. I love to cook, and my grandma is my cooking soulmate. We read cookbooks like they're novels and love every second of it.


  17. sounds so fun!!