Thursday, June 27

Out To Work

This drippy snowcone guy really knows what's what.  That's basically what you feel like when you decide you are going to out and plant some flowers out in the heat of the day... in the summer... in Missouri.  I was outside for, like, 5 minutes and decided that's a task for dusk.  Lesson learned.  Duh.  I did pick up some beautiful daisies, though, and I was excited to get them in the ground.  They are going to be so lovely!

Shirt: Culture Flock Clothing;  Shorts (yes, they're shorts!): c/o ModCloth;  Shoes: BC Shoes;  Glasses: c/o BonLook

This is an outfit I threw on to go OUT to work this week.  You can find my other Out To Work outfits here.


  1. This outfit is the cutest!!! I love both pieces together! And love that they are shorts!!

  2. Love the simplicity of this look!

  3. That shirt is perfect! It's starting to get insanely hot here in Chicago too. I love summer so much though. :)

  4. You are always so cute! And I LOVE those shoes!

    I'm a new blog follower but I've been following you for a while on Instagram. :) I've been wondering - where does the name "Skunkboy" come from?

    The Brayn of Chalayn

  5. You know I think that those shorts would have scared me typically. But seeing them in action on you I really love them! The look of a skirt with the functionality of shorts.

  6. That tank is too cute! Love how you paired it with flowy shorts :)


  7. I love those shorts! I found a polkadotted pair at Target for $6 a few weeks ago. Soooo comfortable.
    Vintage Amore

  8. I adore those shorts and the shoes are really cute too. I have also decided that it's too hot to be outside until nightfall and have resolved not to leave the house until Fall. It's not a feasible resolution, at all, but I can try right?

    Fashion and Happy Things

  9. Parachute shorts? Haha! You can definitely pull them off. I love the colors in this outfit though

    xo Ashley

  10. Super cute shorts - these are right up my alley! And its hiding inside til dusk weather here in South Carolina too :)


  11. I love how casual and cute this outfit is! So perfect for summer in Missouri, haha. This heat is crazy! I try to save any outdoor activity for either super early or when the sun starts setting because, when paired with the humidity, it's just too much. I love those shorts, btw. They look so comfortable!

    xo. Mandy

  12. Those shorts are super adorable! i love shorts that look like skirts and I LOVE those shoes!
    Leah Faye
    e plus l

  13. Oh Katie you are so gorgeous! Great colours to go with your striking hair! Have a great weekend :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  14. How can you be so cute in shorts? And I loved the top too.
    I'm from Brazil, by the way, and there's a lot of girls here that love your hair.

  15. The only problem with dusk is the mosquitoes!! They love me otherwise i would resolve the same in my garden...

  16. Que roupa linda!!! Adorei as cores e o short!

  17. Those shorts are just so perfect! Don't you just love shorts that look like skirts? You look adorable and you can just randomly climb trees if necessary. :)


  18. I love your whole outfit all together, so lovely.
    Love, Kierra Makayla

  19. Hey,
    great pictures and a sweet outfit :)

  20. This is such a cute top, I pretty much love anything ice cream related, even when it's not actual ice cream (it is definitely better when it's actual ice cream though :). You are seriously the prettiest girl ever btw.


  21. These colors are all so fun together. I love love your shorts too!