Friday, June 21

Fab Colors

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Today I'm partnering up with Fab to share some of my favorite items.  Not familiar with Fab?  Well, they are a design-curated shop, which features unique, quality products.  I love Fab because there is so much (good) stuff to browse through.  I can get lost on that site for hours.
If you don't have a Fab account, be sure to sign up for one and take a look!  I typically search for clogs and rugs at least once a week.

Happy Friday!


  1. I love Fab! I find so many cool things that I never thought I needed. It's a great place to shop for unusual gifts, and also wall art. I'm a big fan.

    Maria xx

  2. Fab has the most unique, odd things :) Love the pig!

    xo Ashley

  3. They have such great pet stuff! ^__^

  4. Oh gosh. Those floral printed Gola sneakers!


  5. That waste bin is adorable, and those shoes are super cute!

    Fashion and Happy Things

  6. Fab is the best!!

    By the way awesome to find you via Chris Wiegand via American Blogger Via Instagram! lol


  7. Ohhhh i love those Gola trainers! I'm really enjoying Chris W's CAmeriacn Blogger journey, it's so cool to see him hook up with US bloggers that i know & love :)