Friday, December 9

'Tis the Season

'Tis the season for gift-giving!  I seriously LOVE giving gifts, but there are definitely certain people in my life that are harder to buy for.  Here are a few suggestions-- maybe there's something in here for one of the tricky people on your list!

Best friend:
This beauty.
Or a sweet bag...

For your sister:
This skirt.  (I actually have one of my own on the way. ;))
Maybe even with these shoes...
(Shelly's is getting ready to launch a new site which will make it even easier to shop!  AND they ship internationally.)

For your little sister or daughter:
Maybe even with a homemade theater!

For your mother:
These amazing pendants. (<--on my list every year)
Or maybe a surprise package
**I recently received one of these packages, and I have to say, all of the items were so lovely.  Plus, how fun is it to open a package totally full of surprises?!

I hope some of these were helpful to you!  If you're stuck on a dad, husband, or brother, I can't help ya.  If you have any suggestions on that front, I'm all ears!

Happy Friday!!  xoxo Katie


  1. These are all awesome ideas - especially the pendants! I LOVE them. Going to buy one now. :)


  2. Those silhouette necklace pendants ARE amazing!

  3. That skirt exceeds perfection. I am going to anonymously send this post to my sister and hope she gets inspired to give her sister (me) that Skirt for Christmas.

    Mary from
    ♥ ♥

  4. What a lovely gift guide!

  5. Such great ideas! I think a few of those will go on my list. I have to give it to my husband this weekend. :)

  6. Oh! I love, love, love those silhouette necklaces! I've seen them before but forgot about them- I think I know what's going on my wishlist for Mother's Day next year! I really dig those wedge boots, too. I'll have to remember the finger puppet idea when my son is a bit older (he's 20 months now and would just eat everything....). Thank you for all of the suggestions!

  7. I love it all!! And I want a Muppet Theater!!! ((Did you all go see the movie yet? It was SO cute!!!))

  8. love love love. and i am making some yummy sweets with a recipe and one of these amazing and creative aprons from my new favorite etsy shop:

    thanks again for all your amazing tips.

  9. I second the above quote...I want that Muppet Theater for myself!
    And the pendants are so pretty, I wish my mom wore necklaces.

    My go-to gifts for guys (and gals for that matter) are always books and/or records - a nice little collection with some sort of theme (like western or London or classics). And maybe a nice bottle of whiskey. :) Or fancy coffee stuffs.

  10. Very neat!
    Love those silhouette pendants, super special designs!


  11. that first bag is beautiful!

  12. I would love to give or receive any of these gifts! They are adorable!

  13. love those ideas, thanks for sharing...especially those adorable pendants.

  14. thank you, dear! flattered to be part of such a great list. i love the skirt! <3

  15. A homemade theater! That's such an awesome idea. I made a mini "rock concert" box for my youngest sister years ago, using a shoe box that I painted black and some rocks I found outside. I painted faces on the rocks and made instruments out of paper and card for them. It was literally..a rock concert. :)

    Lovely gift ideas! I need to get cracking on that gift buying soon.

  16. @Ms. Megan- we still need to see it! I really, really want to go before it leaves the theater.

  17. great list. i love the first necklace!

  18. Gorgeous gorgeous gifts! those boots are lovely and I would LOVE a pop up theatre for myself! What a fab way to have fun this christmas!

    I'm having a christmas giveaway on my blog so please come and enter!


  19. What a wonderful blog! Following you now!
    Your shoes are adorable:D

  20. cute post! um for the men in my life i'm putting engraved pencils in their stockings. "father of the bride" for my dad... "#iloveyou" for my twitter loving, i i hope this random idea helps!!

  21. Oh, the surprise package sounds fun. Too bad I am down sizing lately otherwise I would tret myself to one *giggle*


  22. so many pretty things! I have the lola goes exploring skirt on my wish list, wish it was on it's way to me ;) also, i loooove those pendants!!

  23. How Cute.I love the wristlet on the last picture. It's full of color. I want to get something like that for my sister.

  24. i am insanely in love with those Shelly's boots. i may have to order them in Tan.