Tuesday, December 20

Holiday Traditions

Ah, I love holiday traditions.  Not only are they fun, but they force me to slow down a bit and enjoy the special moments that might not happen otherwise.  Here are some of our very favorites:

*Have a hot cocoa-drinking Elf-watching party. 
*Bake Christmas cookies (of course).
 *Pancakes on Christmas morning!
*Make a new ornament every year together for our Christmas tree.  Last year it was the paper mache hot air balloon.
 *Save myself at least ONE of the ornaments I stitched up from the busy season.  So far I have saved myself a penguin, a doe, a bunny, and a yellow bird.  :)

Do you have any extra special traditions for the holidays?  I'm not just talking Christmas here... whatever holiday holds special moments for you.  I'd love to hear them!

Also, thank you for the positive feedback on the Christmas song.  I was feeling really anxious about sharing, but once again you all are encouraging and thoughtful.  Maybe I'll make releasing a Christmas song each year a new tradition.  :)  xoxo Katie


  1. One of my favourite Christmas traditions is pancakes on chrissy morning! I have made them since I was 8 and still do it every year :)

    xx Alyce

  2. Baking some kind of Christmas treat with my sister while listening to Christmas Carols and watching Elf is also a tradition (usually after lunch on Christmas day when we're all stuffed!)

  3. Christmas eve traditions = eating ravioli for dinner and going to a really late showing of a movie before bed!

    Christmas day traditions = me and my sister waking up at like 4am (bro I'm 18 that's all good) and opening our stockings then watching tv till the alotted time for waking up my parents to open the presents under the tree c:

    My mother always does homemade crackers so that we actually get a nice gift inside (last year was a rlly nice incense holder) instead of some little plastic thing we then throw away.

    What else?
    Before Christmas me and my sister decorate the tree and banish everyone else from the room till we are done hurling tinsel about and blasting christmas carols!

    I will stop listing traditions now - I like the thing about making a new decoration every year. We have old decorations that we made in Kindergarten but the rest are store bought.


  4. haha I loved the part that you make new ornametns
    in greece we don't have tradition to bake cookies but we bake a bread :)
    oh i love christmas!

  5. I don't know how you do it! I would want to keep everything! You creations are just so wonderful. Very fun post with some great traditions.

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

  6. Our only holiday tradition is to make and eat chili while we put up the christmas tree. My husband and I both work Christmas Eve and Christmas (and he currently lives 4 hours away) so our traditions are a little halted lately.

  7. Here in my country costa rica, there is a meal name "tamales" and is very yummy... it's a total tradition here, this year I made my 1st and everybody like it!!!! I really love xmass :)

  8. Love this!

    We have a special Christmas dinner every year! We get to choose any foods we want, and we only invite our little family of 5. I decorate the table, and we usually play games afterwards or watch a movie. We are doing it in a couple days, and I can't wait!

    Stephanie May*

  9. That hot air balloon is amazing!

    xx MaDonna

  10. Me and my family always decorate our house with christmas lights and decorations already middle of november; every year we bring a real christmastree from the forest - i love the smell of that tree! On 24th we make perfect food, presents, we laugh and celebrate, my grandmother and other relatives come to our place also. Sometimes we go out and make snow angels or snowmen and at evening we play boardgames :) Every christmas is special!

  11. My family and myself always have frozen waffles for breakfast and for dinner we have a frozen veg lasagna! My mother is quite the cook and baker you see so for christmas we make it as store bought as possible (we get anything and everything cheesy and classic to eat)!


  12. dear katie, the things you create are treasures of sweet beautiful magic!

  13. Last year's hot air balloon Santa is still so so magical.

  14. The cookies are so cute and look like they were a lot of fun making.

  15. We have a giant meal early and then we go for an all family hike. This will be our first year doing it with our one year old son and we're excited introduce him to the tradition!

    The cookies are super cute :)

  16. I love the hot air balloon santa! And I'm glad to hear you've kept some of your lovely ornaments to enjoy after you worked so hard on them :)

    'Elf' features in our Christmas traditions too, it really is the best movie! I blogged about some of our traditions recently~ Next year will be our first Christmas with our baby boy, so I'm very excited about planning some fun family traditions to share with him!

  17. i didn't realize how many holiday traditions my family had until i wasn't able to go home for the holidays this year. I've found myself missing decorating the tree while listening to bing crosby, christmas eve champagne (a more recent tradition), my advent calendar tree, and christmas day eggs benedict.

  18. That hot air balloon santa is so pretty! I made some of the ice skate ornaments from your DIY post, and everyone loves them! So cute.

    We have started the tradition of going to see the Nutcracker Ballet every year. Also, years when I go "home" for the holidays, my friends and I always go bowling on Christmas day. Usually we'll go see a movie too. Basically, we like to get out of the house!

  19. Your handmade ornaments are adorable!! Christmas cookies is also a tradition at my house, even though we are all above the age of 20. haha