Wednesday, January 26

Sleep Deprivation 101

Checking my mailbox everyday is almost like Christmas.  We keep getting gifties galore.  Unfortunately, I was having a weepy day and did not take pictures of all the pretty things I'm excited about, like I had planned.  I mostly moped around and felt sorry for myself for how little sleep I'm currently getting... then I would take a look at sweet Poesy's face and become terribly happy again.  Sleep deprivation makes me crazy, can you tell?  ;)

So, here is a pretty filler picture of my blue haired Blythes wearing their Tiny Bazaar headbands:

Aaaaahhhhh... so bright and colorful... it makes me ready for Spring! 

If you have emailed me about getting something for Valentines Day, I haven't forgotten you... I just haven't quite made it that far.  I promise to get back to you super soon.  xoxo Katie


  1. They're adorable! Don't tell me about sleep deprivation, everybody told me to sleep A LOT, all I can before my baby was born and I thought "what? it can't be that terrible" but hey! IT IS!

  2. Hehe these dolls are so cute! I hope you get some sleep... I don't have any kids, but my next door neighbors in my building have a new baby, so I feel like I'm going through it with them a little bit. Can't wait to see the other nice gifts you've gotten!


  3. i love your dolls. So cute.
    I know the feeling about lack of sleep. I get depressed and upset about it too and my baby isn't even born yet. I just love the rare opportunity to take a nap when I can.

  4. Sweet dolls!

    I remember those sleepless nights well... I was never so glad as when my little one slept through the night - although I about had a heart attack that first night when I woke up and neither one of us had gotten up with her!

  5. you have such pretty blythes :)
    sleep deprivation is the worst!! it makes everyone crazy, haha. go catch some zzzz's.

  6. these dolls are so super sweet!!
    I'll be sending some positive thoughts your way...hopefully you can squeeze in a nap ;)


  7. they do look like they're ready for spring! i went shopping yesterday and refused to buy any winter-type clothes. i got all flowery tops. i'm beyond ready for spring!

    congrats on baby poesy! she's beautiful!

  8. aw, that is no fun! hope you get some rest soon.

  9. stumbled on your blog courtesy of elsie over at 'a beautiful mess'. then i realized you play piano at my parents' church.
    small world, eh?:)

    lovely blog and your baby girl is beautiful♥

  10. Ah the joy of the three weeks post baby slump! This too will pass. It is surprising what you can get used to...just keep looking at their adorable faces!