Tuesday, June 29

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty...

Summer might be the best for dresses!  There are so many pretty ones to look at... I just can't help myself!

Love these from Anthro!

These dresses from Urban make me swoon!

 This one from Ruche is so lovely!

I'm smitten with this pretty from ModCloth!

****Speaking of dresses... I'm planning to have a closet clean out very soon here on the blog!  There will be quite a few items, and I'm very excited to share!  I hope to have it posted by the end of the week. :) ******

Also, I received the most thoughtful little package in the mail yesterday.  I would like to give a HUGE "thank you" to Smarty Pantalons.  You really made my day!

See you all soon!  <3 <3 <3 Katie


  1. wooo hoo! i purchased that whale dress from urban. i fell in love. and i had to have it! ♥ so cute!


  2. Oh man, I cannot wait for your closet clean out!!

  3. yeah sales, so glad we wear the same size (or so it looks like) :)
    hope you're having a lovely day and things are brightening up your way

  4. oh, anthropologie. you make my heart flutter. i adore your taste in dresses! summer is the best season for that very reason--dresses. i still wear my sundresses from two years ago; they're just too fluttery to give away. :)

  5. I like the firts and second :) very pretty

    if you have time this is my blog

  6. i agree. and i love all those dresses and shops! *sigh*

  7. The first dress is my those colors :)

  8. I'm happy to make your day Katie dear. If it's that easy, I'll do it any time. ;-)

  9. Sooo many cute finds! I've recently fallen in love with dresses and I can't get enough!
    Looking forward to your closet clean out :D

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