Monday, June 21

Music Monday: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

This post would have been more appropriate last week, since
I had the privilege of seeing Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
in person.  It was such a fun show.  We snagged the very edge of
the balcony, so we were mighty comfy and happy as others were
struggling to see the stage, and in very tight quarters below.  It was pretty
sweet.  They ended the show by being up-front about the last songs and skipping
the encore (which I greatly appreciated), and sitting in the middle of the crowd
sing-along style during the very last song.  Like I said, it was a lot of fun.

Via Google Images

Hope you enjoy!  I'm off to stitch stitch stitch!  xoxo Katie


  1. Hi again *___*

    I just wanted to let you know that I've added your blog button to my blog as part of a makeover that I did (partially inspired by your blog), and I would love if you popped over and took a peek :)

  2. you got to see them in person? how cool! i love them!

  3. "Home" has been stuck in my head for weeks! They are playing here in late July...still debating whether or not to go...

  4. ooh, i just saw them play a few weeks ago and it was everything i hoped it would be! So good!!!

  5. LUCKY! I would like to see them in person...

  6. I would absolutely LOVE to hear them live. I wanted to go to their show in Austin but it sold out :( I was just heartbroken over it! You're a lucky girl! :)

  7. i loved seeing them!!!thay are so fun!
    best show at coachella in my opinion!
    and the mic stand hit someones head in the crowd and they started edwarde took off his shirt and wrapped it around the dudes head...made me love them more!

  8. that first bueno bueno comment was from kelly. hahah didnt see that

  9. ah! love them. my husband sings me "home" all the time.

  10. i love these guys! wanted to see them when they came to australia, but unfortunately missed out :( so jealous :D