Monday, February 15

Music Monday: Bowerbirds

Yay!  It's time for Music Monday again!  Today it's snowy and sleepy,
and I've been listening to Bowerbirds 
nonstop on my turntable.  Some bands are seasonal for me.   
Fleet Foxes would fall into the cold weather
category, Iron and  
Wine is snowy day music, and Death Cab's Plans
(while I listen to it ALL year) makes me 
feel like summer.  Bowerbirds is every day of the year music for me.
A lot of you know I play 
accordion, so it only makes sense that I have a major soft spot for
the accordion in their music, 
but more than that, I adore a band who is every bit as good live as
they are recorded.  Besides 
the difference in sound quality, if you heard this band playing live,
you wouldn't be able to tell it 
wasn't a studio session.  I love that!

Not to mention, when they aren't touring, they live off the grid in an
airstream trailer.
Can I just please be them?  ;))  I hope you enjoy.  xoxo Katie


  1. I love folk inspired music that just seems to fit the season, but I disagree about Iron & Wine for the winter. Sam Beam's vocals and guitar make me think of spring. Like starting the day at dusk and seeing nature and animals wake up.

    A band I think that would be good for the winter season is Bon Iver, which even means Good Winter. hehe :]

  2. Kaite! Don't nix Music Mondays! I do a Spotlight Sunday on different unknown bands and I think it's so fun to hear the music people listen to and to get to know new bands that I have never heard of before. Your blog is amazing =]

  3. Don'r quit this feature! SOMEBODY'S gotta post good stuff!!

  4. Haha-- you guys are funny! I'll keep doing Music Mondays for a few more weeks and see how it goes. :))

    J.Loo- I can totally see Iron and Wine for spring. My friend Karrie and I always disagree about this because she thinks Iron and Wine is Springy. I guess I just started listening during the winter, and Our Endless Numbered Days and The Creek Drank the Cradle are so well accompanied by staring out the window watching the snow and sipping hot tea. I love different mood perspectives for music. It shows how personal it can be. :)

  5. I love Music Monday! Your blog is seriously opening up my musical experience! Thanks for the cool band drops!

  6. I like them! I think I am going to have to have to get one of their albums now.

  7. I love your blog and I love Music Monday! Coconut Records has not been off my ipod since you blogged about them, I adore it and would never have discovered them any other way. I need someone to keep me informed of this good music! Off to listen to some Bowerbirds now. :D

  8. i've listened to them for awhile--love that! :)

  9. I love your taste in music! Bowerbirds is such a lovely band! & I love how your music monday posts are unique & always full of quality music...seriously! Music is so important & inspiring! I always love reading these posts to see who you recommend!

  10. thank you for this! i'd never heard them before, and i love these songs. and the accordion is lovely.

  11. give up on music mondays!!! c'mon gary, don't be a butt f&$*%#g quitter!


    seriously... dont'.


  12. Oh my. :) They're lovely!! You have such great taste in music! :)

  13. this. your blog originally caught my eye when you did sam roberts a couple of weeks ago. then today you mention fleetfoxes, my new favorite. bowerbirds are fantastic. thanks!

  14. I love it so much I went immediately to their site and ordered it. I have a special place in my heart for the accordian because I'm Polish and it reminds me of my grandmother (in such a good way).

    I am the same way but with genres of music. The genre I can listen to year round-any musical. More alternative sounds make me happy in the fall and winter and as spring and summer near I always find myself listening to more country music. Country music reminds me of summertime and being outside enjoying nature.

  15. Love them! I'm really glad that you posted about them too, cuz' I'd never heard about them, so now I have someone new to look into.
    Speaking of, have you heard the album "Dark was the Night"? I got it this weekend and like it a LOT so far. It's a compilation album with a bunch of neat collaborations. My favorite so far is a duet by Ben Gibbard and Feist called "Train Song".
    Thanks again for the recommendation! <3

  16. Oh, I've been so interested in Dark Was the Night but haven't been willing to drop the $28 or so to buy it on vinyl. I really should bite the bullet and get it. What I've sampled has been great! Thanks, M Darling for reminding me!