Thursday, February 18

Hello, Sunshine!

Oh, my!  The sun is out 2 days in a row!  I hardly know what to do with myself.  ;)  I am trying to fully enjoy it by opening all of my shades and soaking it in as I sew.  It's been quite the long winter so far, and I'm hoping this weather sticks around for a bit.  I was even woken up by a woodpecker pecking on my house today!  Feels so much like Spring.  :)

Here are some things that top my favorites list this week:

The new Spoon album I got last week

cute prints like this from Bueno Bueno

 Yellow nails to match...

Having fun with my Blythes :)

browsing all of hine's work (it's amazing!)

Girl Scout cookies! (photo source)

Getting organized!

 The Office! (but who doesn't love this show?)

I've been at home taking care of my wee one for most of the week, as she's sick with Bronchitis.  Not super fun, but lots and lots of snuggling and sweetness, so that's nice.  I hope your week has been ultra lovely so far (with no sickies!).  

(Oh, and that is not my house in the background.  It's a picture from a hotel we stayed in last weekend.)

Until tomorrow...  *loves you and hugs you*Katie


  1. awww, I hope your little one is back to normal soon. Mine was sick too and now today, I'm sick. ugh! ah well, such is life eh?
    Lovely blog post :)

  2. Those cookies are my favorite. I ordered two boxes. :D

    And spooooon!

  3. I love your pics. I miss those cookies, I cant eat them anymore, I have ciliacs. I hope your daughter feels better :)

  4. that felt camera is A-MAZING! and now i want cookies...

  5. LOVE the Office!! (I got an Office calendar for Christmas and it's hilarious)
    leanna x

  6. I hope your little ray of sunshine feels better soon!

  7. ooooooh pretties :]
    I heart Dwight Shrute.
    forever and ever. haha.

  8. I have that same cover for my iphone!
    You are too cute:)

  9. I cant do yellow, you look pretty fair too, but you look like you can pull anything off.

    My husband is crazy about the office, which means...its has grown on me.

    My fav and maybe because Im pregnant, is when Pam doesnt want anyone to eat certain stuff. Then he eats an egg in front of her and they all barf. lol
    sooo funny.

    maybe only to a pregnant lady. ha ha

  10. Those are the best Girl Scout cookies! I have a box and I am trying to to stash them away so they'll last, but it is not working. And I hope your Daughter gets better soon!

  11. springlike weather, girl scout cookies, blythes...lucky!!

  12. i hope i can be one of your blythes so i can live in your pretty little magical suitcase too!

    and i'm praying Hope gets better soon.

  13. Luv your yellow earrings and matching nails : )
    Hope the wee one gets better soon.

  14. i really hope your little one gets to feeling better so quickly!
    i know that when i'm feeling icky sometimes a good joke helps to cheer me up. (especially cute ones!)
    tell her this one:

    what did the boy octopus say to the girl octopus?
    --i want to hold your hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand!

    feel better hope!

  15. Your dolls are so cute - and those darn Carmel Delight girl scout cookies - I LOVE those sooo much!!!

  16. Oh no! We've been inundated with germs at my house too. I'm hoping she's feeling better!
    The Office is one of my favorite shows... and yes, now I'm craving a Samoa something fierce.

  17. Oh...I hope your sweet girl will recover soon.
    Longing for spring too...too much cold & snow, now it's time for birds & bees :)
    Have a nice weekend Katie!


  18. hope your little one gets well real soon <3 lots of love from the philippines <3

  19. curse you and your girl scout cookies ! >:o

    haha <3

  20. Unfortunately I was(am) sick this week...but it's been years so I forgive the sickness. =) That photo of the cookies makes my mouth water...mine don't come in till next Tuesday! Till then...enjoy your weekend! & Spoon!

  21. O know this is not about craft... But I want your hair!!!!!

  22. LOVE the doll trunk! So cute! And Samoa's are my favorite too! (Except my brother ate my entire box and didn't save me one!)

  23. Just wanted to say that I featured your pretty Blythes over on my blog yesterday!

    you're the cutest!

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