Friday, December 23

Custom Embellished Stockings

Stocking Revamp
Every year I drool over all the beautiful stockings available.  Every year I promise myself that NEXT YEAR I'll spend the money on the quirky/classic ones we'll use for years to come.  Every year I say the same thing because... well... it makes the more frugal part of my brain hurt to think about spending $200+ on Anthro or Free People stockings.  I just can't do it.

Last year Johnny found these basic knit stockings at Walgreens and I snatched them up.  I knew I could do *something* with them to spice them up a bit.  Oh, and they were on clearance so I think I got the four of them for $20.  Ahhhh.  That feels better.

A little, simple embellishing goes a long way, friends.  I had some leftover trim from our bedroom curtain DIY and robbed some soft yarn and poms from my stash.  Here's a peek at where I started vs. where I've ended:

Stocking Revamp Stocking Revamp Stocking Revamp
I spent several evenings customizing these guys into something that I think fits very well with the DIY aesthetic I have going on here at home.  I like that they are all slightly different, but work so well as a group.

Stocking Revamp Stocking Revamp Stocking Revamp Stocking Revamp Stocking Revamp
I am pretty pleased with myself, I have to admit.  Adding the glitter letters I found in a wrapping section at the store really makes them shine.  *High five*

What are is your dream holiday decor like?  Is there one thing in particular that you obsess over?  Am I the only crazy person fixated on stockings?


  1. Merry Christmas Katie, Johnny, Hope and Posey.
    I love what you've done with your stockings. What an awesome bargain they were. There's no way in the world I'd spend some an scary amount of money on a stocking either. I'm very frugal too. My two oldest kids still have and use their first Christmas stockings and they're 21 and 18 yrs old! I got them on special too. I think about updating them, but they won't have it. I'm always inspired by what you create and love to make things fir my home too. Wishing you and yours a very happy and blessed Christmas from Australia 🇦🇺