Friday, December 30

Best Christmas Ever 2016

Christmas 2016
I have a ton of fond Christmas memories, but I'm pretty sure this year was my absolute favorite Christmas.  Because Christmas day fell on a Sunday and plans needed to be rearranged, my little family got to spend our VERY FIRST legit Christmas morning in our home.  Typically we spend most of this holiday (like many others) shuttling our crew to different family celebrations.  Of course we love seeing our families, but it leaves holidays feeling rushed and exhausting.  This year was different.  We went at our own pace.  We had all of Christmas day to play with toys and games and listen to new records and do WHATEVER WE WANTED.  We ordered delivery pizza and stayed in our jammies all day.  It was glorious.

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Like always, Hope killed it with her thoughtful, handmade presents.  I love that she's old enough now to search Pinterest all by herself and gather ideas that she thinks people will like.  She even had Johnny take her to the mall so she could shop for jewelry for me and then packaged it all clever in the gummy bear jar.  Awwwwwwwwwww.

Poesy was a hoot as always.  She screams when she's excited so you always know how she's feeling about something.  ;)  The thankfulness really does pour out of this girl.  She has a huge heart and her enthusiasm makes holidays so much fun!  I appreciate that so much.

As I said before, I loved this Christmas more than any other.  Johnny and I are very guilty of getting stuck in the rut of tradition because it's tradition, but I think we're finally to the point in our lives that we're prioritizing our own needs a little better.  We've been needing to take ownership of our holiday plans for quite a while, but never want to hurt anyone's feelings in the process.  I'm a naturally guilty-feeling person anyway, so reminding myself that it's OKAY do what's best for myself and my people is a step in a very good direction.  Yay for some self growth!

I hope you all had a really good holiday.  We're prepping for our big NYE concert for tomorrow night, so it's time for me to get back to studying all the new songs we've picked up for the occasion.  I'll be back soon with my GOALS LIST for 2017!  I can't wait to hear about yours!


  1. Happy New Year! Your family looks so charming. I'm envious (laughs)

  2. Sounds like a fabulous way to celebrate Christmas morning and I couldn't agree more! It's the same in our house...we had the father-in-law over for Christmas Eve lunch, then hosted Christmas Eve at our house, then had the mother-in-law over for Christmas Lunch and then shuffled 30 mins away to my mom's for Christmas dinner. Then when we got home, had more friends stop by and it was exhausting! I need to learn to say no, too. xo Happy New Year!!

  3. I know deciding where to celebrate can be challenging when you have so many options. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time.

  4. Sweet photos of your family. I'm working to make Christmas a little more my own family's style. This year was the big family Christmas with all my husbands side with us which was grand because it's my oldest sons last Christmas at home for a while. Come march he will go to London to work as s paramedic -he graduated uni in December and he's 21 so it's time now fir him to live his own life - 😥😊, mixed emotions for this mamas heart, so this year will be quieter and different. Love seeing your sweet family and reading your posts - so happy and really what life's all about. So glad you're starting your own way to celebrate Christmas. Happy new year to you from Australia