Wednesday, May 11

Palm Springs Pt. 2

Palm Springs
Our second full day in Palm Springs was one of my favorite days of my whole life.  Johnny and I had made plans to wake up early and smash our to-do list, but instead we accidentally slept in and opted for breakfast in bed.  I know there are mixed reviews out there about breakfast in bed, but to me it's one of the best things EVER.  After a super relaxed, lovely morning, we headed out to the Cabazon Dinosaurs.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that the dinos were the ONLY thing I cared about doing on this trip.  I've spent most of my life dreaming of visiting this place (thanks, Pee-Wee... I'll love you forever) and it finally happened.

Palm Springs Palm Springs Palm Springs
This is my face of UTTER DELIGHT.  I cannot tell you how many times I jumped and squealed and clapped like a small child.  Eep!

Palm Springs Palm Springs Palm Springs Palm Springs
Oh, man... this guy CRACKS ME UP.  I like to imagine him as the singer of an 80's hair metal band.  I bet he can seriously wail!

Palm Springs Palm Springs Palm Springs Palm Springs Palm Springs
It was crazy how windy Cabazon was.  It was basically raining wind.  Sideways.  Here's a life lesson, fellow dress lovers: always wear shorts underneath.  They saved my trip.  Otherwise I would have been fussing with my clothes the whole time instead of taking it all in.  And that would have been a shame.

Palm Springs Palm Springs
Once I basically bought out the gift shop (I'm a souvenir person all the way), we headed back to the Ace for drinks and friend time.  

Palm Springs Palm Springs Palm Springs Palm Springs Palm Springs Palm Springs
I had to post both of these photos.  It's strange how we didn't know anyone but Jess when we arrived and by the time the trip was over we had all of these new wonderful friends.  It was a good bunch.

Palm Springs  Palm Springs Palm Springs
I feel like this post is just a series of tangents, but... tangent time: before we flew out of Kansas City, we stopped by Donna's Dress Shop because, well, I don't get to visit that place enough.  Up to that point, I had been shopping for a vintage playsuit for MONTHS with no luck.  As I was getting ready to check out, this little number was hanging near the counter.  I ALMOST didn't try it on because I really don't like trying things on.  I'm so glad I did.  It was love at first fit and it was perfect for hanging pool side.  I felt like I was living in a dreamy movie.

This night was our fancy dinner night, so after a bit we headed back to the room to freshen up and make it to our reservation at Birba on time (thanks for the rec, Elsie!).  I found my dress one night while shopping on eBay, so there isn't a great story behind it.  BUT!  When Jess last visited MO, we found this amazing orange dress that fit her like a GLOVE at one of my favorite vintage shops.  She was on a budget at that time, so I snuck back in and bought it as an early birthday gift.  We call it the "Palm Springs dress" for obvious reasons.  You'll see why in a second.  

Palm Springs
Ahhhhh... I love this picture so much.  Johnny and I have a million selfies together from this trip that are silly and only for us, but I'm glad to have captured him in a few photos to share.  This walk down Palm Springs lane wouldn't have felt the same without his face in it.

Palm Springs palm springs Palm Springs
See?  Lovely little orangesicle dream.  It's perfect on her!

After dinner, the plan was to go get little dinosaur tattoos with our crew.  Johnny and I ended up kinda being jerks and ditching the group, but it was for a good reason.  Or a selfish reason.  Whatever.  I just wanted to spend my last night in paradise hanging with him instead of sitting around at a tattoo parlor.

We ended up having drinks at the Saguaro, dipping our feet in the hot tub in our fancy clothes back at the Ace, playing a couple of rounds of intense ping pong (I won-- oh yeah!), and just letting all the beauty around us seep in.  It was a magical night... and I'm not using that term loosely.  It was MAGICAL.

Palm Springs
The rest of the story is all super long travel days and reuniting with my darling girls... the things you would expect.  I'm definitely thankful we got to go on such a fun/sweet/wonderful mini vacation.  I have so many more special photos from this trip that can't fit into a blog post, so I fully intend to make a Palm Springs photo album.  It would honestly be a shame to forget a single second.  xo.


  1. Ahh, I've seen pictures of those dinosaurs before, but I had no idea that they were in Palm Springs! I NEED to go there! It looks like so much fun!
    Also, I love how much fun you guys had - I was grinning for you while reading it! Little getaways are sometimes the best!
    xo April | April Everyday

  2. "The highways a callin'... gotta move on." oh man gosh dang I love that movie. Such a cheesy, perfect movie!! So so cool that you got to see the dinosaurs while you were there! I opened this blog post from my feed and sat there like, WHaT WAIT that's pee wee's dinosaur!! haha!! We quote that movie maybe second only to the princess bride bwah! ;) So glad you have such good taste hehe!

  3. omg I an so jealous! It is my dream to go here

  4. These photos are so cool! I love dinosaurs! Plus that pink dress is just dreamy, you look gorgeous!

  5. You can nearly feel the happiness you felt during that trip pour out of the blog post. So glad you had such an amazing time - as a mostly silent reader I want tell you: You deserve it! So happy for you!

  6. I love this post! I love the happiness and the vintage outfits! Whenever the word 'Cabazon' comes up, my mom always has to tell the story of when she and her boyfriend (at age 16) had car trouble, got stuck there, and had to call her parents for help. They had to drive from Downey, CA and were pretty pissed at her. haha!

  7. These pictures are rad, colorful, and I'm sorry but, who doesn't love dinosaurs? Talk about nostalgia! We have one of those in Florida too but it's still not as cool as the dinosaurs from Cali. By the way, you and your hubby looked perfect for you date and your dress is lovely!

  8. Glad you're night was Magical you folks enjoyed yourself! Thanks for being fantastically you!

  9. Ypu look so cute in all pictures.
    Love the last dress.


  10. Sounds like you've had a fantastic time! And what gorgeous clothing!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  11. i love the picture of you and Johnny against the wall. Gorgeous!!