Tuesday, December 3

Weekly Wears: Kiss, Kiss

Dress: the WhitePepper c/o Emerging Thoughts;  Boots: Thrifted;  Tights: Emerging Thoughts;  Bobbi Pins: Band.o c/o Emerging Thoughts

I've been watching a pair of boots like these at Urban Outfitters lately, knowing that they'd go on sale and I could get them for cheap(er)... except while I was waiting for the sale, the black ones sold out!  I didn't really have any black boots in my closet besides this pair, and though I do love those, I was wanting some lace ups.  I thrifted a pair exactly like the pair above last year, but they were just a little too snug for comfort and I passed them on to Johnny's mom.  So, I was pretty much high five-ing everyone around me when I came across these ropers in my size this weekend!

There were so many good deals yesterday, don't you think?  There were many things I wanted to buy for Cyber Monday, but I ended up feeling overwhelmed when it came time to commit and I only bought one thing.  It was good for the ol' pocket book, I guess.  If I would've been in Christmas shopping mode, I probably would have bought a lot more!  Did you snag anything wonderful yesterday?

Speaking of deals, Emerging Thoughts is offering you guys some great ones.  Receive a junk food necklace with the code "necklace" if you spend $35 or more, a junk food bracelet (so in love with mine) with code "bracelet" if you spend $150 or more, or receive 15% off your order with code "skunkboy"


  1. Your boots rock! Nothing like finding a hidden treasure at the thrift store <3
    xoxo Annejelina
    Visit my shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CrownofCreationShop

  2. You are absolutely adorable. I've been trying to find a pair of boots like that that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg. Definitely going to be checking thrift stores soon.

    Also, their clothes... how are they length wise with dresses.. I'm very tall and always have trouble with finding dresses just long enough that my buttox doesn't show.


  3. What a darling dress! With pockets?! You can't go wrong there.... :)


  4. I love your babydoll dresses. Heh, so funny. I just purchased my first pair of black boots over the weekend, too. I'm always finding awesome boots at the flea mall or thrift store not in my size, makes me a little sad. This weekend, I just decided to order a of the Sullivan Boots they have on sale now. They're black with some fabric and braided detail. I'm so excited about them I can just squeal! :)

  5. those barrettes are too cute! and i'm jealous of the thrifted boots! what a steal!



  6. I did the same thing yesterday! I had a bunch of tabs open on my computer contemplating all the different deals. In the end, I only bought one thing and tried to buy a sweater but they had sold out. hah. O well.


  7. I LOVE cigarettes, your pin is toooo cute and glam! Unfortunately, I have a hard time smoking now because of the oxygen...emphysema has ruined my smoking life! Such a bummer! I can have a fag on me allll the time with this cigarette pin! Thanks for sharing such a find! <3♡.♡

  8. That babydoll dress is adorable! I bought a few things yesterday but it sure was a bit overwhelming.


  9. What an epic find. I love those boots.


  10. Cute tights! Xx


  11. that dress is so adorable! and your whole outfit is sweet, not to mention how good a find the boots are:-) xx

  12. Just ordered the Daisy Bobbi! So in love!!

  13. You're hair always look so dang cute! I love it!