Wednesday, December 4

Swap With Me On Swapdom

As promised, I'm here to report back on my first swap with Swapdom.  If you aren't familiar with Swapdom, check out my first post to learn more about it!  To get down to it, after I uploaded photos of my clothes to swap, I browsed the site for pieces I was interested in acquiring.  Once I found things I wanted, I offered up swaps and Swapdom arranged the rest.  I got an email a few days later giving me all the details, I printed out my shipping receipt, and shipped the dress I was swapping to its forever home!  It was really easy!

I snagged this really great basic black skirt.  It was new with the tags still on!  I wore it to a show we played this weekend:

I'm definitely excited for my next swap!  You can find my profile here if you'd like to check out my offerings (more coming soon).  Here's a code to sign up if you haven't already!  Happy swapping!


  1. I got really excited about this until I realised it's US only… awwww! Hopefully they expand soon!

  2. This is neat. I'll have to try it out. I've seen similar sites that let you swap but you always have to find the "coincidence of wants" (yay economics major) before anyone's happy; nice to have someone else do the work! :P

  3. this is such a great idea :) i just joined, but now they're site isn't working :/

    1. Hmmm... that's strange. I was just there and it was working fine for me-- maybe try again in a couple of minutes?

  4. so cool you're in a band! love that black skirt, what a steal


  5. I kind of don't get it. I joined a couple weeks ago and set up a swap, but I have heard nothing. Do you know if it often takes weeks to work out a swap? And if they can't manage to work it out, do they notify you?

    1. I know sometimes they do, like, 4 person swaps and 6 person swaps, so sometimes it takes a bit longer to arrange. I'm not sure about notifications for swaps that don't work out, but if you have any questions about the swaps I know you can email Swapdom and they'll get back with you promptly. :) Hope this helps!

    2. Hi Kira, Turi here with Swapdom.

      Here are some tips on how to up your chances of a swap:

      1) Nothing boosts your chances more than multiple requests per swap. As items
      are being uploaded, log in from time to time and add items you like to your

      2) Similarly, the more items you offer in a swap the better your chances.

      Feel free to reach out to with any additional questions.


  6. Just signed up! This is such a great idea! I'm trying to sell some clothing I don't wear anymore, but if they don't sell.. migh as well swap!

    x Sara

  7. you are the cutest!