Thursday, March 22

Sponsor in April

It's that time again!  If you are interested in sponsoring in the month of April, I'd absolutely love to have you!  You can see my sponsor page here or send an email to  It's going to be another great month here on the Skunkboy blog!   xoxo Katie


  1. Hi Katie! I love your blog… which I found after I fell in love with your little creatures! I was wondering if you had ever considered running an e-course through red velvet (or wherever!) on making a little plush or two?
    I can sew basic things, preferably by hand (my machine is so fast and scary!!!) but I'd love to learn to make little plush toys. Oh.. and I've read through most of your blog but I haven't seen it - and I'd love to know - where do you come up with your ideas? Do you sketch your little creatures? And how do you translate something from your imagination or a 2D picture into a plush?

    Sorry, way too many questions… but I'm a huge fan, I admire your style, creativity and imagination x

  2. Good idea. I like elsie's plush fox post a couple days ago. That would be a good project for a beginner. I would like to see one from here too. No pressure :o

  3. I also agree with the comments above! I make a few myself but would love to learn from you because your style is so adorable!! :]

    hope the rest of your week is great! :]

  4. Haha! See what I've started :-)