Monday, September 26

Music Monday: OK Go

Ok Go

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Happy Monday!!  xoxo Katie


  1. Great song, as usual! I love OK go!

    katie :)

  2. OK GO are brilliant. They are one of the few bands whose music videos I try to find and usually watch more than once. Love!

  3. When I was in film school OK Go agreed to do a little video with me on a sound stage. It was super fun and super cute but I never edited the footage together. I just have the tapes sitting in a closet gathering dust. Isn't that awful? I should totally share it with the world.

    ♥ sécia

  4. I love Ok Go! Such a wonderful band. Thanks for sharing that video. xo, rv

  5. I LOVE Ok Go videos! Love love love them. You've just made my afternooooon! :D