Wednesday, December 10

Oh, Those Numbers

Man, I'm so close to 300 I can taste it. I never would have guessed in a MILLION years that I'd hit 300 sales in my first year. I think it's wonderful, and overwhelming, and something to be proud of. I'm 3 away. I'll be a little bummed if I shut my shop down next Monday and end up being 1 or 2 shy, but I need to keep in mind all of the hard work this year and remember that a number is just a number, and the love I've received from all my new friends is the very best part. So, thank you. All of you.


  1. Okay, you talked me into it! :-) I've been keening for your owl ornaments all season, so I finally pulled the trigger. I'm #298!

  2. You are so very sweet!!! Thank you so much for your support... a transaction just got canceled, so you are number 297... but just as wonderful!