Thursday, December 4

Custom Delight

I really am a lover of custom orders, they give me a chance to be creative. Here are photos from two custom orders I just completed:

These two penguin ornaments are a gift for a bride, to celebrate her first Christmas with her husband. I think that is so special... and, I love them so much, I just may offer them in the shop (if you couldn't tell, I love pairs).

This lamb was certainly the favorite around my house. His pink nose and sleepy eyes make him so sweet, and his soft coat makes him so snuggly. He will definitely be offered in my shop in the next week or so.


  1. I love penguins, and love these guys! And LOOOOVE your little lamb. Precious!

  2. Hello...I do not usually talk to strangers or add myself to blogs, but I came across your page somehow?, and I fell in love with your little creations. How in the Hell?... excuse me, but you have a great imagination!! Every stinking one of them are cute. I am sooo amazed.=) The penguins could not be better. Just thought you should keep up the good work.=)


  3. oooh, beautiful creations,
    just discoverd you blog,
    I bookmarked it!!!!!

  4. ooooh- thel ittle lamb is yummy!