Tuesday, August 12

She works hard for the money...

I wish I was going to be selling at Renegade. But, I'm just a baby. A "newbie" if you will. I think I may crap my pants when I see all of the awesome art that will be at this place and the overwhelming punch of experiencing it in Chicago... well, it just may knock me to the ground. If you have ever known me, you know about Chicago. If you don't, just know that I LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE Chicago. And, yes, I do have a bad habit of idealizing places... you know, like Pennsylvania... but I'm very excited to be going. So, hopefully I'll be meeting some new friends in person and I'll come home with the experience of going... and some awesome loot. And who knows? Maybe I'll be selling there someday... when I grow up.


  1. you're all grown up, katie! you manage to reduce me and cookoorikoo to a helpless puddle every time you list something new. that's a big-girl skill.

    i'm so glad you're coming to renegade and i'm so glad you love chicago, and i'm so glad i have gallop to help me through the stress of getting ready (it's my first fair, and i'm a bit stage-struck). i hope i'll get to meet you! :)

  2. Hi! Been following your blog for a few months now and had been admiring it. And I understand that this is a pretty old post, but I find your old posts about being pretty new to blogging and new to selling on etsy to be inspiring. It makes me realize how even the more successful bloggers and crafters started from humble beginnings. You've always been wonderfully talented and what you've accomplished in several years is really amazing!