Tuesday, August 19

Finds at the Flea Market

I love flea markets. I mean, how could you not? I was wallowing in self-pity yesterday and decided to treat myself to fun times at one of the best flea markets I've been to.

First, I found this sweet little bird whistle.
I have these vague memories of a whistle
I used to toot over and over from when I
was young, and this excited me.

Next, I found these cute kittie pictures. At the time I was wishing for a nursery to decorate (not one of my own) because these would be so perfect.

Johnny spotted this jewelry box, siting that it looked
like something I would love. And, while it was cute,
I wasn't sold until I realized it was a music box. When you
open the drawer the it plays a song and the tiny bird
swings back and forth. It is so beautiful.

This enchanting vase will soon be listed in my shop under my new line of plush flowers in vintage vases. She is so lovely... Hope thinks we should keep her...

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