Friday, August 31

Happy Birthday, Hope!

Hope is 16
For those of you who have been reading this ol' blog for a while, get ready to feel like we're living in an alternate universe. I'm a week late here, but Hope is officially 16. What??? It's true. We celebrated her 16th birthday last week and my mind is trying to figure out how time has gone so quickly. I guess it's true that the older you get the faster time goes. Or maybe we just keep ourselves so busy that life blows by? I don't know, but my "forever 7 in my mind" little girl is ready to start driving. Legally. On her own. 😳

hope bday 1
We had an all-day celebration last Wednesday. We started the day with donuts and photos, the bookstore, and Mexican food. When Poesy got out of school, we headed an hourish south to Branson to jam in all the family fun we could handle.

Hope bday Hope bday Hope bday Hope bday
We hit the sledding hill, went shopping, found a mirror maze, rode a rollercoaster, drove go-karts, and ate our weight in spaghetti. I'm serious when I say we crammed in as many things as humanly possible.

Hope bday Hope bday Hope bday

We spent 7:46, the time Hope was officially born, at the top of the ferris wheel. There are magical moments in life for sure, and this was definitely one of them. Happy birthday, Hope. We love you!


  1. happy birthday to hope! ❤
    it seems like a amazing day for you family :)

  2. Damn it, I teared up... Happy Birthday!

  3. I can't believe she's 16!! That's crazy. I picture both your girls as small ones permanently. Happy birthday to Hope! - Sarah

  4. Wow. I think I started following your blog when she was 10 or even 9. It is crazy to think she is 16. That is really awesome though too and she is looking like a little lady now. Glad she had a fun birthday!

  5. Oh gosh, that video is the sweetest! I feel like she was so little just recently... they get big so fast! My daughter will be 10 this winter and I'm having some big feelings about it! :)

  6. Wow how did that happen I remember Hope's little guest posts