Monday, February 12

My Birthday Trip to Memphis

Hi, friends! I finally have a bit of time to sit down and blog about our trip to Memphis, TN. We traveled to Memphis over my birthday weekend. It was a very quick trip, but we did get to do a little bit of exploring. I fell in love with the city and I can't wait to go back. Here's a peek at some of the fun things we got to do, all squeezed into one day!

Memphis Trip 
Memphis Trip Memphis, TN Memphis, TN Memphis Trip
The first place we hit in Memphis was The Beauty Shop Restaurant. You know those places that make you grin from ear to ear as soon as you walk in? This place is SPECIAL. My eyes started tearing up when we sat down because it's just so magical. No joke.

Memphis Trip Memphis Trip Memphis Trip Memphis Trip
The food and drinks were absolutely delicious. Definitely a great kick-off to my birthday!

Memphis, TN Memphis, TN Memphis, TN
After brunch, we made our way through some cute local shops, two of my favorites being Red Velvet and Stock & Belle. We didn't do a ton of shopping because it was pretty cold, but I did enjoy popping in a few local boutiques and antique shops, and then grabbing coffee before heading back to our hotel.

Memphis, TN Untitled Memphis, TN
On the way back to our hotel the girls conned me into going to the giant Bass Pro pyramid. We come from a city with a huge Bass Pro, so I wasn't super eager to go all the way to Memphis and find myself there. It ended up being fun, though. We took the elevator to the top part of the pyramid and enjoyed a gorgeous sunset. (The first photo from this post was taken from up there as well.)

Memphis, TN Memphis, TN
After I dropped my crew back at the hotel, I met my sweet friend, Natalie (of The Crybaby Club), at The Liquor Store for drinks and a snack. Let me tell you, the drinks and appetizers there are incredible.

Untitled Memphis Trip
How cute is their neon bathroom sign? In love.

It was wonderful getting to visit with her. We've been internet friends for quite a while now, so it was nice to finally meet up in the real world.

After I got back to our hotel, my sweet crew had birthday cake and presents waiting. They sang me "Happy Birthday" and we spent the remainder of the night just hanging out together. It was a lovely end to a special day.

Memphis, TN
Memphis, TN
(Find this pin here.)

Whew. Talk about squeezing everything we could into one day! It was a good trip and I'm so glad Hope's gymnastics competition took us there. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure I would have spent the day curled up under blankets, hiding from the cold. 😂

You have our hearts, Memphis! xo.


  1. May dis Valentine bless uz wid da cupid of love & warmth of romance.
    Happy Valentines Day my dear!

  2. happy belated birthday! looks like you had a wonderful trip! xx

  3. Been keeping up with all your social media for a while and it makes me so so happy you loved my city (and workplace) so much! Next time you're in town check out Bar DKDC, Beauty Shop's sister bar with music 6+ nights a week!! <3

  4. It such a beautiful town, and you look gorgeous! Happy belated birthday, katie! xo