Wednesday, December 27

Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017
We had such a lovely Christmas at home with the girls this year.  Our typical Christmas tradition is basically travel-travel-travel, but these last two years we've changed things up so we can enjoy Christmas morning at home.  It's seriously so nice.  Sometimes it can be hard for us to switch up traditions with family members because of hurt feelings and whatnot, but I honestly wish we had proposed this change years ago.  Having Christmas as a relaxing and slow time instead of chaotic and stressful makes all the difference in fully taking it in.

Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017
You guys.  Poesy's face just kills me in this one.  Oh, to feel like that again.  Being a kid at Christmas is just the best.

Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017
Poesy lost her voice this year, so listening to her high-pitched shrieks was pretty entertaining.  She gets excited about EVERYTHING, so you can probably imagine all squeaking and honking. 

This is the first year Hope hasn't really wanted any toys.  I was nervous about navigating those waters, but it was actually the most fun year for me to shop for her.  She likes clothes and jewelry and games.  Her favorite gift was a pink Taco Bell hoodie that I found at Forever 21 earlier this year.  It was the very first Christmas gift I bought-- that kid LOVES Taco Bell.  Her big present was a Harry Potter overnight bag filled with gobs of smaller Harry Potter presents.  (Clothes, Pop figures, DVDs, jewelry, etc.)  It was also a win!

Poesy's school travels to a local church once a month to shop with points they've earned.  There are clothes, toys... well, quite a variety of things.  The church gifted the kids 20 extra points so they could shop for family members, and Poesy was thrilled to have her very own presents to give us.  She picked a Springfield Cardinals hat for Johnny and I got a three pack of dollar store eyeshadow. 😂 It was precious and so very thoughtful.

Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017
The last 4 pictures are some of my favorite gifts from this year.  Johnny's mom and dad braved auctions to find these beautiful head vases for me.  I mean, I'm now the proud owner of a Lucille
Ball head vase.  What?!  She will go perfectly next to my Elizabeth Taylor vase.

The swan measuring cups were a sweet gift from Hope.  She braved the mall days before Christmas and bought these with her own money.  I love to see this thoughtfulness shining through her.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  I know family stuff can be tough sometimes... I'm thankful for a year without any drama and a slow-paced, nap-filled Christmas.  xo.


  1. We don't have kids, so I can only imagine how much more stressful Christmas becomes with kids + family + traveling. BUT I will say one of the best things we ever did was quit traveling on Christmas. We weren't as lucky this year because we're living with family, but last year we stayed home and had our own solo holiday and it was GREAT. We're looking forward to doing the same next year when we're back in our own place. It was so chill and allowed us to really take it in.

  2. glad that you had such a lovely christmas, it certainly looks like a magical one! xx

  3. What gorgeous pictures!! Your home looked super cosy for Christmas morning! Looked like you had a lovely one! Happy new year!!
    a life of a charlotte

  4. Looks like a wonderful holiday!!!

  5. What a wonderful set of photos <3 <3 Ahh, I miss that Christmas-y feeling from when I was a child...


  6. Such lovely pictures! Where is Hope’s Harry Potter bag from? Xx