Wednesday, October 18

Weekly Wears: Matchy Matchy

Mother/Daughter Mother/Daughter Mother/Daughter Mother/Daughter
You know that feeling of growing out of wanting to wear matching outfits?  Yeah, I still haven't reached that point.  I'll take all the matching dresses, please.  Thankfully, Poesy thinks it's just the bees knees to match her mama!  These Miss Patina dresses are making all of our twinning dreams come true.  Oh, and of course we had to throw a red bow on Poesy's beloved pup, Rosie O'Donnell, (don't call him a her) so he could get in on this party.

Mother/Daughter Mother/Daughter  Mother/Daughter Mother/Daughter Mother/Daughter
Oh, those little freckles kill me...

dresses: c/o Miss Patina // my shoes: Bali ELF // Poesy's shoes: gift // glasses: BonLook (new stock coming soon!)

The leaves are starting to turn and it's finally starting to feel like Fall around here!  We had a pretty mild summer (no complaints) and everything stayed green for much longer than normal.  We made our first apple cobbler a couple of nights ago and it felt like the kick-off to the new season.  I'm still scheming ways to find an appropriate spot in our house for an electric fireplace.  I love everything about our house, but golly, I miss having a cozy fire when it's chilly!  I'm pretty sure if I obsess enough, I'll figure it out.  😉


  1. You two are adorable! I have three daughters and even when they were younger, they wouldn't let me try that. You're lucky!

    ~Laurali Star

    1. Thank you! And- Yes! I'll ride this wave as long as I can!