Wednesday, June 14


Kittens June
Mooni had her kittens a few weeks ago, so I thought I'd give a proper update on how it's going. Firstly, this is all new to us.  I have spent many hours Googling info about teeny tiny kittens because I really didn't know the first thing about them.  So far, their mama does all the work and we get to play with little mewing babies.  The kittens can't go to the bathroom on their own yet, so we'll see how having 9 cats in the house goes here in a couple of weeks when we start litter box training them.  It makes me kind of anxious to think about, so right now I'm just pushing that out of my mind.  😉

Kittens June Kittens June Kittens June Kittens June
It really has been so fun to have them around so far.  Having a bad day?  Go in and see the kittens and see how you feel.  Having a great day?  Go in and see the kittens and see how you feel.

The girls are smitten with our one stripy baby, but I've gotten attached to a fluffy black one with white toes.  Moonstone will be going in to get spayed as soon as the vet says she's ready.  That's another thing I've learned-- females can get pregnant SO YOUNG.

Anyway, if you want to see them in action you can follow my IG stories.  I try to post an update everyday.  Happy Wednesday, friends!


  1. Ahh! So precious. All my love! xxxx

  2. They are so precious! I have enjoyed following their progress through your IG stories. We rescued a kitten a year ago. She was abandoned in our back yard at 3 weeks old. I was surprised too by how soon they can get pregnant.

  3. So cute! Will you be keeping them or giving them up for adoption?

  4. Awww, your kittens are adorable and the photos are great :) Ah, I want a pet soooo badly but unfortunately I can't where I live. I can just imagine how nice it is for you to snuggle up with these at night :)

    Anyway, have a great week!

    Chloe @