Wednesday, November 2

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016
We had a wonderful Halloween this year.  The weather was unseasonably warm and all costumes were put together well before the parade.  It's been a while since either of those things have happened in the Shelton house.  Poesy decided months and MONTHS ago that she wanted to be Santa Claus.  I was certain she would change her mind after hitting up some of the Halloween stores, but she stuck with it!  I bought the outfit pieces from Amazon, but you know I had to throw a little DIY in there-- I hand stitched the beard and it was so much cuter on her than anything else we had found.

Hope decided to be a Hufflepuff student and was totally convincing, as always.  She couldn't decide what to be this year and, man... the Halloween stores had nothing to offer in the way of teenagers.  Four days before Halloween she decided to commit to this, so Johnny and I went frantically internet and department store searching for all the pieces.  The sweater vest was the only thing we couldn't find, so I found an athletic shirt on clearance for $3 and chopped it into a vest.  I'm so glad it worked out!

Here are some pictures from our evening.  Wouldn't you know it, my camera battery died as soon as we started to the parade.  Thank God for iPhones.

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We ran into Rachel's crew and finished our night eating pizza and swapping candy.  Halloween 2016 was a success!  Oh, and I'm so happy Poesy didn't change her mind about being Santa Claus.  She was the cutest Santa ever.


  1. My GOODNESS!! I love the halloween parade tradition! Was Posey hot in her costume? I live in Kansas and it was, like, in the 80's. Usually we're covering up our costumes with winter coats! :)

    1. Yes! She had to take breaks from her beard because it was crazy-warm!

  2. American Halloweens look like SO much fun! I love how busy the streets are with kids (and parents) trick or treating! I remember we visited my grandad over there when I was a kid and got to go trick or treating and it was the best thing ever!
    I love Hope's costume and Posey is the cutest thing ever in her santa outfit!
    xo April | April Everyday

  3. Wow everyone looks so good !! The Santa clause costume wins tho ! That's such anot awesome and unique idea she had.

  4. Yay!! Hufflepuff!!!!
    They both look adorable in their costumes~!!

  5. Omg way to go Poesy! that's very creative ✌😁

  6. That beard is the best! And I love that she picked Santa:)

    Often when people put on Hogwarts costumes they look like they're just dressing up, but Hope could totally be in one of the Harry Potter movies! She looks awesome!

  7. Not much of a commenter, but my heart just exploded after looking at Hope's costume. I love that she chose Hufflepuff. I turn 40 next month and have recently come to believe that Hufflepuff is the most noble house. Kindness is everything.

  8. Hope looks adorable (I was Luna last year!), and I LOVE that Poesy wanted to go as Santa, hahaha.