Tuesday, August 2

Weekly Wears: Craft Night

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Well, today is only Tuesday, but I'm feeling pretty great about my to-do list for the week.  If you don't already know, for me, Mondays are all about making my elaborate to-do list for the week.  If I don't get deadlines and goals down on paper, I find myself feeling completely overwhelmed and scattered throughout the week... which, is obviously not the best way to be productive!  Johnny and I tackled a bunch of home projects yesterday that I've been putting off.  They weren't necessarily fun, but they sure make a big difference.

Dress: vintage;  Purse: Angela Roi;  Shoes: Lotta from Stockholm;  Sunglasses: Donna's Dress Shop

I'm hosting another craft night at my house tomorrow night for a smaller group of ladies.  I've found that I love the "more the merrier" idea, but depending on how my day/week is going, it can be overwhelming when a very large group shows up.  I'm planning to start hosting more frequent, smaller groups.  I think that is more manageable for my sanity.   So, I'm off to tackle emails and get back to a few more tiny projects before I have a house full of crafty gals tomorrow.  Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. Your dress is so cute and vintage, I love the colour

  2. Love the way that yellow purse pops against the pink! Great outfit, hope your craft night is a success! :)

  3. I love that second picture! It's such a quirky photo :). Have a fun craft night! It would be great to hear how you planned for it.

    Nicky xx |

  4. I love this dress! This post reminds me... I desperately need to plan out my week ASAP!

    Jasmine /

  5. Your dress is just adorable - and those glasses are amazing!

    What sorts of crafts do you get up to at craft night? Do you all work on a common craft or does everyone bring their own? Would love to start something like this myself!