Wednesday, February 10

A Cheery Little Corner

Progress in Poesy's room
I've been working away on the house since we got back from Nashville.  There's something about going to such a fun city brimming with cuteness AND seeing your talented friends' new spaces that gets you moving on your own place when you get back home.  I actually have 3 pals in Nashville (all with very different styles) that have moved into new homes, and it was inspiring to see what fresh things they've incorporated.

I've been battling Poesy's clothing explosion non-stop lately.  The girl loves to pick her clothes daily, and I'm all about that, but expecting her to hang and fold things properly in her tiny closet was entirely impractical.  She didn't have an actual dresser, just some shelves, and reaching the top clothing bar to pull dresses was tricky for her.  When there isn't a well-designated area for cleanup, whether it be clothes or toys, it's unfair to expect a 5 year old to have the vision for where to put things.

Progress in Poesy's room Progress in Poesy's room Progress in Poesy's room Progress in Poesy's room Progress in Poesy's room Progress in Poesy's room
I was pretty excited to find this little vintage dresser to solve our storage problem, especially since I've been so dry in the thrift score department lately.  I love that I got to incorporate some of the special things from her old room into the new one.  I've missed these cheery little bits and bobs.

I'm all about giving kiddos small responsibilities once they have the right tools for those expectations.  Now, let's see if she can learn to put her stuff away a little better than her mother.  Leading by example isn't always easy.  ;)

*You can see photos of Poe's rooms here, here, here, and here.*


  1. It's so precious! We're moving into a new house soon and I'm really excited about setting up these little corners of sweetness.

  2. I think that's key, what you said about matching the responsibilities you give a kid to their capabilities. It's not always easy to judge but it's definitely worthwhile to tune our expectations to our kids' developmental level. Go Poesy!

  3. That has got to be one of the cutest nooks I've ever seen! You know what I like about your style? You make it down-to-earth. I see so many blogs do complicated stuff with DIY projects and with home decor. You make things approachable. Thank you for that!